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Jungle Alchemist

August 9, 2013 by SirFrenchToast
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DotA2 Hero: Alchemist

Hero Skills

Acid Spray

2 8 9 10

Unstable Concoction


Greevil's Greed

1 4 5 7

Chemical Rage

6 11 16


12 13 14 15 17 18

Jungle Alchemist

August 9, 2013


The sacred science of Chymistry was a Darkbrew family tradition, but no Darkbrew had ever shown the kind of creativity, ambition, and recklessness of young Razzil. However, when adulthood came calling he pushed aside the family trade to try his hand at manufacturing gold through Alchemy. In an act of audacity befitting his reputation, Razzil announced he would transmute an entire mountain into gold. Following two decades of research and spending and preparation, he failed spectacularly, quickly finding himself imprisoned for the widespread destruction his experiment wrought. Yet Razzil was never one to take a setback lightly, and sought escape to continue his research. When his new cellmate turned out to be a fierce ogre, he found just the opportunity he needed. After convincing the ogre not to eat him, Razzil set about carefully concocting a tincture for it to drink, made from the moulds and mosses growing in the prison stone work. In a week's time, it seemed ready. When the ogre drank the potion, it flew into an unstoppable berserker rage, destroying the cell bars and exploding through walls and guards alike. They soon found themselves lost somewhere in the forest surrounding the city with a trail of wreckage in their wake and no signs of pursuit. In the tonic's afterglow, the ogre seemed serene, happy, and even eager. Resolving to work together, the pair set off to collect the materials needed to attempt Razzil's Alchemic transmutation once more.


Ok. My build is basically. 1) Get to level 6 as fast as possible. 2) Jungle like CRAZY. 3) Win the game. When I start the game I like to go vlads first, and what that does is it helps with the whole health situation while jungling. So you don't have to go back and forth to base. After that I personally go Mjollnir, and if you want you can get hand of midas. After that I build butterfly, but because I suck at jungling, this is like the last thing I get and we win the game. But depending how good you are at jungling and ganking you could probably build faster then me. So here is the list of items you should get in order.
1)Vladmir's Offering
2)Mjollnir/Hand of Midas
5)Boots of Travel
6)Assault Cuirass
Now depending on the situation, you might want to get Boots of travel earlier in the game, because if your team is in need of towers to be destroyed you can easily push towers and run without any trouble.


So like every hero, There are pros and cons to everything.
Very Powerful Items
Very high level(If jungled correctly)
Lots of attack speed

Won't be able to be in Teamfights
Could get ganked if they have wards
Very slow in the beginning

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