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Juggy Guide Anti-alt tab guide

March 28, 2013 by HippoGuard
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Build 1
Build 2

Way to Juggy

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

Purchase Order

Starting items

Mid game optional for sange

luxury item/optional

very situational

Hero Skills

Blade Fury

1 3 5 7

Healing Ward

10 14

Blade Dance

8 9 12 13


6 11 16


2 4 15 17 18


How you want to play this guy? simply remember play aggressively when your ultimate is upWhat to look out for?Remember the ward outside your jungle and enemy's second tier tower to avoid being ganked.Always remember to jungle when no one is pushing to ensure you get really farmed and not lose out at late game.Having a ward allows your whole team to push together allowing quick barracks being finished off and escaping and also lesser chance to backdoor as your creeps would most likely not die if you tanked the tower damage.

Item sequence and early game

Your Item build, first you might want to finish your poor man shield once you reach the side shop. After that you might want to rush for phase boots to chase after enemies, by the time you finished these two items you are ready to play really offensive and gank hard so do dive if you see a window of opportunity, if you playing against people who stuns a lot and never hesitate to do blade fury to dodge those stuns.

Mid game

On to mid game, by now you should have pushed down the tower and have your helm of dominator you must jungle and do not risk your life in team fights try not to rush in and tank damage right now you are still very squishy. ALWAYS JUNGLE, after you have jungled for some time you would have parts of the butterfly(why do we go for butterfly? HITTING FASTER MEANS MORE CRITSSSSS CHANCE). always use your ultimate after blade fury and if you see an enemy hero alone always be sure to use your ultimate for a sure kill, with some help from your teammate you should be able to roshan having the aegis allows you to become a KILLING MACHINE. Once you finished your butterfly you should be able to right click kill people if you are winning(REAL DEAL) you might want to risk it and get a divine rapier.

Late game Tables turning time

By late game, you should be already winning if you're not winning well blame it on the people feeding on your team. People say that aghanim is useless buy aghanim with ultimate and some high damage bonus items you might be able to turn around the tables and possibly pushing towers before they respawn. ALWAYS REMEMBER PUSH EARLY FARM QUICK DO NOT LET THEM OUT CARRY YOU OR YOU WILL LOSE THE GAME. Thanks

Pros / Cons

  • Hard to deal with in early game
  • Good pusher
  • Early game killer
  • Strong one on one killer
  • Hard carry
  • Easy jungler
  • Easy solo roshan with correct items[/color]
  • Low stat gain from leveling(why i added stats)
  • Very item dependent
  • High risk of being outcarried
  • Several foes and little friends

Team Work

How to win in a teamfight? Simply remember to press q and r.With a supportive team full of nuking and disables, you're bound to win the teamfight and most probably the game


Blade FuryMana cost:110 lvl1-4 Cooldown:30/28/26/24 Damage:80/100/120/140 Radius:250 lvl1-4. Is it important to max blade fury as soon as possible. Yes!The damage from it will be deciding whether you can get kills or how many kills as you can see it is an aoe(Area of effect) spell of 250 radius damage would be shared for the enemy such as if two of the enemy stand within 250 radius they will take 140 damage per second(Not considering the armor)and a full 700 damage if they stand in it for 5 seconds which is how long it lasts.As long as you have someone to help stun you might want to start spinning and body blocking them to avoid them run away from your blade fury.
Healing WardMana Cost:80/100/120/140Cool Down 60 secondsMax Hp Per Second 2%/3&/4%/5%Okay some of you might want to get it earlier it's fine and alright i understand you can push really fast with a healing ward but if you're ganking and jungling it is best not to max it out fully as the mana cost gets higher
Blade DancePassiveCritical Chance:15%/20%/25%/35%Critical Damage 200%Why get this skill maxed out quick when i can't hit fast enough?If you're Following my guide you should hit pretty fast now and additional damage you'll need it
OMNI SLASH200/275/350130/120/110Jumps:3/6/9 Jump Radius 425Scepter Cooldown: 110/100/90 Scepter jumps:6/9/12Should i add my ultimate or just leave it till a higher level?Never your ultimate is always useful early game(too useful), for example teamfights:Lowers enemy's team health dramatically One on one:Doing your ultimate with only one enemy hero around forces him to take the full damage allowing you to instant kill. I don't recommend getting aghanim scepter until maybe late game where you have many luxury items but just can seem to damage the enemy team enough doing your ultimate

Friends and Foe

Friends, here we have several of them
-Who is likely to be your friend?
Someone who is ranged to harass, Ability to slow or possibly stun and also someone who can give you mana
-List of them i found useful
Crystal Maiden(Insane slow disable and nuking)
Venomancer(HUGE SLOW easy first blood with poison gale)
Keeper of the light A.K.A KOTL(mana for you to spam blade fury and ability to slow after getting poison orb)

Foe, well good luck
-Who are you FOES, people who hit harder and faster than you opped heros such as Drow Troll and maybe night stalker if they get fed.
-Most importantly never pick juggernaut if the enemy team has meepo or people who can create illusions, WHY? well they will render you ultimate useless because of the spread damage there is not enough damage and bounces who be wasted on illusions or spread apart

Log Book

-25 March 2013 Guide released
-26 March 2013 comments made
-27 March 2013 Added colours and tiny pictures, Removed "speed guide" to avoid misconception added Friends and Foe, Edited some area

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