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Juggernaut played without Battlefury

August 7, 2012 by Generic Name 2.0
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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Early Game


Post Diffusal

If the Game Hasn't Ended


Hero Skills

Blade Fury

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Healing Ward

13 14 15 17

Blade Dance

8 9 10 12


6 11 16


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This is my first guide, so please dont harp on me too much if it sucks

Anyways I recently picked up a few neat items for Yunero and really enjoyed the look of them, so after playing a few half decent games playing this style, and realising there wasnt a guide specifically for this build, I figured I would join dotafire to make one!

Skill Build Justification

Blade fury is just an all around Amazing Skill, so I always Max it first, so First blood and early kills are easy

The reason I forego the other skills for Stats early is because I always find that i am very squishy early and have severe mana issues, as well as the fact that a little agility couldnt hurt your damage output.

Blade Dance is maxed second because by this point you will be hitting hard enough that the 2x damage crits will be able to do something more that slightly hurt your enemy.

Healing Ward is Maxed out last because I feel it is much more helpful in the later stages of the game because by that time you will have enough mana to use it and it makes you a tank

Omnislash is the bread and butter of this hero, this spell allows you to deal a massive amount of damage to a single hero if you can isolate them, this is the kind of spell that you have to use whenever you can, and skill it at the standard 6/11/16 as it makes it waaaay better.

Item Justification

As far as items go, they can vary game to game, what i put is simply my preferred build

to start I prefer the Stout Shield and Quelling Blade for last hitting and a bit of damage block, as well as a tango because it is always smart to bring regen to lane

early game i pick up a Poor mans Shield for stats, and to keep the damage Block, as well as boots and a bracer for stats and a segway to the Drum

As far as boots go I pick up Phase Boots for the run speed bonus in Blade Fury, as it is very helpful for chasing and killing, and the damage bonus is nice

the Drum is for the Stats and the Speed aura, and the active is helpful for chasing/teamfighting/running

the Diffusal blade makes sure people cant run from you (and it helps deal with people like Broodmother) i normally keep this at level 1 until i have a butterfly, or if it runs out charges i will upgrade it

the Manta style is all around helpful, as it gives you good stats and run speed, as well as greatly increases your ability to push effectively.

By this Point the game should probably be over, but if it isnt I normally aim for a butterfly, as the attack speed and damage it gives you are awesome, so you will hit faster and crit more, and the evasion makes you really hard to kill.

Vlads will give you a good damage buff as well as an awesome armour and lifesteal aura

Situational items i put is as and MKB, for dealing with someone such as PA or anyone with a Bfly

SnY would be my recommendation if you get shut down early as the health bonus will give you a bit more tankiness, and the maim is nice :D

The Game Part of the Game >.<

In the Early game try to lane relatively safely and only go aggressive if you have a teammate set up a gank for you. try to get as many last hits as possible to get your drum and Phase done fast.

a little trick that i like to use in the midgame (in Pub Matches of course) is to walk up behind a person that is farming creeps, as they will normally run away when you use blade fury. by chasing them away from the creepwave, you can now use Omnislash without interuption.

once again try to use omnislash wherever a creep cant interfere with the jumps, as a full omnislash on one target is almost a guaranteed kill, especially if you follow up with blade fury.

by roaming and picking up kills on solo heroes in the mid game, you should be able to finish the Diffusal blade relatively fast, and the just use it to snag some more kills towards manta style, and farm alot.

End of Guide, Closing Thoughts

I have found this build to be very good in getting kills and winning games, so thank you for taking the time to read my guide, and hopefully try it out and post some nice scores.

Comments and Criticism on my guide are welcome, as long they as they are at least somewhat kind, thank you in advance for the Help!!!

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