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Juggernaut - Painful Force

April 1, 2014 by Infam0us
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

Purchase Order


Sage's Mask
Poor Man's Shield

Main Items

Tranquil Boots
Soul Ring
Sange and Yasha
Aghanim's Scepter
Abyssal Blade

Mid game

Tranquil Boots
Soul Ring


Assault Cuirass

Juggernaut - Painful Force

April 1, 2014


The Juggernaut has taken his skills with a blade to new levels. Spinning with it outstretched in a Fury, Yunero becomes immune to magic and deals great damage around himself, allowing him to be efficiently aggressive if timed well. He will frequently slash at Critical points on the body to deal twice his damage, and can provide a Healing Ward in more tranquil times. The Juggernaut's ultimate attack is a fierce Omnislash, which slashes towards a target and then consecutively slashes at any targets within the area at random--extremely potent damage if concentrated, but potentially weak if dispersed amongst too many enemies.


Blade Fury

This is the ability that allows Juggernaut to be such a threat during the early and mid game. Combined with a good slow or another disable, this ability basically guarantees a kill. It's very rare to see a carry who has any killing potential early game, and this ability makes Juggernaut that much deadlier. Late game, this should no longer be used offensively and should be reserved for dodging spells or ensuring your safety while using a TP.

Healing Ward

Did you know this thing heals you faster than a fountain? No? Now you do. This thing can literally turn around a fight if it's used correctly. Ever see the videos where Juggernaut sits down at 100 HP for about 8 seconds while someone is trying to kill him while at full HP and then Juggernaut magically kills them? It's the ward.

Blade Dance

Chance to pretend you have a DD rune. It does less damage than most other crits, but the proc chance is ridiculously higher to compensate.


In the early and mid game (maybe even certain parts of late game), this lets you destroy a single hero if you can catch them alone. Maybe two heroes if they're squishy.

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