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Juggernaut for 3-4k pubs

January 19, 2017 by kaybee5
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Safe lane PUB carry - Exploding at level 7

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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Laning before farm

Rotating lane/jungle/gank


Hero Skills

Blade Fury

1 3 7 8

Healing Ward

4 9 14 16

Blade Dance

2 5 10 13


6 12 18


11 15 17

Hero Talents

+600 Health
+5 Omnislash Strikes
+10 Armor
+100 Blade Fury DPS
+50 Blade Fury movement speed
+20 Attack Speed
+5 All Stats
+20 Movement Speed

Juggernaut for 3-4k pubs

January 19, 2017

Nice and easy

Alright, I'm gonna keep this brief for anyone who's reading this.

My three pointers are:
1. Get every last hit you can (essential in laning stage).
2. After getting your first gloves of haste (the one building into midas) - always keep one or two TPs on you.
3. Learn to swiftly go between jungle and lanes, this will enhance your farm and keep enemies from ganking your own team.

If done correctly (max one death before the 10-minute mark) you will start to snowball after getting your midas. When you feel strong (freely farming in jungle) start to keep TPs on you and help your teammates if possible.

Your goal after getting your midas is to get the yasha and HoD as soon as possible. If done correctly you will start to snowball (provided your team doesn't feed too much) after this - get towers, rally your team and be extra careful around heroes with strong disables - such as axe, shadow shaman...

When you're snowballing (or just getting stronger, getting towers) build into the manta style. After the manta, get the basher and then build into abyssal or the BKB - depending on the situation. Get BKB before abyssal if, for example, they have a luna.

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