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Juggernaut - Carry

April 13, 2015 by T3xo
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DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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Starting Items

Early game



Hero Skills

Blade Fury


Healing Ward

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Blade Dance

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Juggernaut - Carry

April 13, 2015


Hello! I am T3xo and this is my guide to Juggernaut Carry!
Juggernaut is a carry,easy and fun to play with!

Pros / Cons

+Built in spell immunity with Blade Fury
+A spell acting like a AoE Heart of Tarrasque
+Amazing damage early game with Blade Fury(300 magic dmg after reductions at LVL1!)
+ One of the best crits passive
+ One of the best Ultimates at 6lvl that can one shot almost everyone
+ Amazing base attack time! (easy last hitting
- Squishy but with my guide it's gets super tanky :)
- Mana dependant kinda.
- Low base damage.
- Omnislash can be countered by Ghost Scepter, Ethereal Blade, Decrepify, invulnerablity( Astral Imprisonment, Phase Shift, Waveform), disarm( Heaven's Halberd, Deafening Blast), invisibility( Ghost Walk, Skeleton Walk and Shadow Dance and Guardian Angel.


---- SOON


Starting items
Makes last hitting super easy.
Blocks damage.
Regen is always nice? :)

Early game
Phase,they will give you good damage and nice move speed!
Lifesteal,amazing attack speeed!
And that 30% more damage is not a big deal because juggernaut is agility carry=good armor


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