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Juggernaut: All-game carry

October 17, 2012 by Cormandragon
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All game carry

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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Blade Dance

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Hello all! This is my first guide on dotafire, i've been playing DotA for about a year now, and decided to share my juggernaut build. Juggernaut is EASILY my favorite hero in-game, as he can carry through all stages of the game. This is highly different from other hard carries as they are only really useful late game after their farm. Juggernaut however, has the abilities needed to carry the whole game.


-Well rounded hero
-Late game monster
-Good attack animation for last hitting
-Decent stat gain
-Ult just gets better as game goes on
-Very good candidate for a level 1 Roshan

-Mana problems
-Not very noob friendly


BLADE FURY: Causes a bladestorm of destructive force around Yurnero, rendering him immune to magic and dealing damage to nearby enemy units.
SCALING: mana- 110 at all levels dps- 80/100/120/140
Blade fury is maxed first as it is your primary source of damage in the early game until you have your battle fury. Damage type: magical.

-Does up to 300/375/450/525 damage respectively to enemy heroes if the enemy heroes have default 25% spell resistance.
-Does up to 400/500/600/700 to creep units.
-This ability won't affect mechanical units.
-You can use items (including TP Scroll/ Boots of Travel) during Blade Fury.
-If a unit is not being affected by Blade Fury, Yurnero can perform normal attacks against this unit.

HEALING WARD: Summons a Healing Ward that heals all nearby allied units' life.
SCALING: mana- 80/100/120/140 heals- 2/3/4/5% of max hp per sec
Healing Ward is one of the most overpowered heals in the game, and it's given to a late game carry. *imba?*
-If you die it stays.
-If a unit is affected by two Healing Wards only one will work.
-The ward has 1 hit point and can be attacked.
-The ward won't heal mechanical units.

BLADE DANCE: Yurnero's cunning blade gives him a chance to deal double damage on each attack.
SCALING: 2x dmg at all levels 15/20/25/35% chance to crit
His crit is the most reliable crit in the entire game. It has a 35% chance to proc and does double damage each proc. In perspective, PA's ultimate has a 15% chance to proc and does four times damage. This means that Juggernaut's regular ability does the same average damage as PA's ultimate.

OMNISlASH: Yurnero moves around the battlefield, slashing many enemies. Yurnero becomes invulnerable while Omnislashing. The search area is 450.
SCALING: mana- 200/275/350 # of jumps- 3(6*)/6(9*)/9(12*)
*shows values w/ Aghanim's Scepter

-Each slash deals 175-250 damage, with an interval of 0.4 seconds.
The first target of Omnislash receives a mini-stun, effectively stopping its channeling actions.
-With enough attack speed, Juggernaut can attack with his own attack strength while jumping around. In these attacks, Juggernaut can place buffs and trigger chance effects.
-The slashes can't be avoided by evasion. Any normal attacks made, however, can.
-You can use items while using Omnislash.
-The Omnislash buff is not applied until after the first hit. Juggernaut is completely invulnerable under the effects of the buff.
-Juggernaut gains flying vision in 200 radius for the duration of Omnislash.

Skill Build Justification:

In this guide we max Blade Fury first to maximize any ganking potential. We take stats at 2- this is to just help with overall HP and Mana while giving a slight boost to damage for last hitting. At level 4 most guides say to take another point of stats (the reason is because your crit doesn't do anything with low amounts of damage so don't get that, and you have no mana to use your Healing Ward and Blade Fury) however, at this point you should have your Soul Ring farmed and delivered by your helpful neighborhood courier, giving you the mana pool you need to be able to use Blade Fury AND Healing Ward effectively.

At level 8 we get level two ward, and this is where the choice begins. You can either continue maxing Healing Ward, or you can take two levels into crit. I normally do the 2 into crit just because it's normally by this time that I have my Battle Fury, and crit helps me farm faster than a Healing Ward. Also.. Considering a level 1 Healing Ward is equivalent to an AoE Heart, Level 2 Healing Ward is more than enough healing to hold you through during this midgame portion of the match, therefore making more points into it unnecessary and wasteful.

Level 11 obviously taking your ult, continue with just maxing whatever's left and taking stats when it's all maxed.

Item Build Justification:

Starting build: Quelling blade, Tango, Salve, and 3 GG branches. This starting build is assuming you have a babysitter in lane with you. If thats not the case:
Tango, Salve, 2x Slippers of Agility, 2x GG branches. This build allows you to get a poor man's shield before you buy a soul ring. This is obviously facing heavy harassment.
Once you have your starting items: RUSH SOUL RING. I cannot stress this enough. I see juggernauts all the time who decide to rush battle fury before any other item. This gives bad regen, and very bad utility during the early game, therefore WASTING the effectiveness of blade fury. Having a Soul Ring means you will never be out of mana to Omnislash that escaping enemy or to drop that healing ward after escaping (allowing you to stay in lane and farm more).
NOTE: once you have Soul Ring and are level 7 or so, you can jungle effectively with Blade Fury.

After Soul Ring, buy Boots of Speed. This is another way to allow effective farming as you can run between creep camps much faster, and also allows you to stay ahead of the enemy with your Blade Fury. If you can farm a Soul Ring and Boots before the enemy gets their boots, your ganking potential is limitless.

Here is the Battle Fury rush. Hopefully by now you have 3-4 kills from Blade Fury, and it's time to farm your Battle Fury. Go afk farm your jungle until you have it. Buy both damage items first, as these allow you to farm creeps MUCH faster. Some people say to buy the perseverance first as this allows you to spam Blade Fury to farm creeps, remember: we have a Soul Ring.

When should I have all these items by:
With some early kills (2-3) it's very possible to have Soul Ring, Boots of Speed, and Battle Fury by the 22 minute mark. Anything over 25 minutes means you're either farming too slow, or you were the subject of some ganks by the enemy team (it happens).
After Battle Fury: finish your boots recipe. Either get Phase Boots or Treads, I favor Phase. It gives me more opportunities to escape/chase down the enemy and I rate this higher than Treads stats. However, the stats are very good on Treads as well. Therefore, the choice is completely up to you.

Here is where the most controversy begins. Get MASK OF MADNESS. However, only use it when you are about to use your ultimate. The reason for Mask of Madness: The jumps on your ultimate are spaced just far enough apart so that if you have fast enough attack speed, you can actually auto-attack between each jump. Mask of Madness is an insanely cheap source to get that attack speed, while also giving lifesteal and a chase mechanism.

After Mask of Madness you can then rush your Butterfly, obviously buying the Eaglesong first for the bonus agility, followed by the Talisman for the evasion and lastly the Quarterstaff.

Once you have Butterfly, your role as late game carry is set. Personally, I normally have my Butterfly around the 30-35 minute mark.

After Butterfly you can start farming Abyssal Blade, Heart, Satanic, etc. VERY late game items. Typically, I start with an Abyssal Blade, however if i'm still not tanky enough with a Butterfly i'll just buy the Skull Basher then get a Heart and finishing the Abyssal Blade after my Heart.

Boots (Treads/Phase)
Battle Fury
Abyssal Blade
Heart of Tarrasque

Sidenote: Once you have Butterfly you have enough attack speed during Omnislash so you don't need to activate Mask of Madness.
Sidenote2: After Butterfly if you feel like you still aren't tanky enough, instead of rushing Abyssal Blade, buy just the Skull Basher and then buy a Heart, finishing the Abyssal after Heart.

Y NO AGHS!?!?!?!?!

I don't buy Aghanim's Scepter on Juggernaut for a couple of reasons:
-Doesn't give enough damage to make it justifiable on a hard carry
-Puts too much reliance into a single (not completely reliable) ability.
-4100 gold where I could get a basher instead for cheaper.
-Ult is EASILY counterable by a 2300 gold Force Staff so investing 4100 gold into an item to buff my ult just seems ridiculous.

Bashing during ult > more jumps =D

Good Laning Partners:

The Good:
ANYONE WITH A STUN/ROOT/DISABLE. The two of you will EASILY get first blood just by trapping the enemy and using Blade Fury.
These support stunners have a certain synergy with the juggernaut:
Crystal Maiden
Vengeful Spirit
Bane Elemental

Enemy Counters:

Here is a list of some counters to you and why they counter Juggernaut:
Doom Bringer-Dooms you before you can do ANYTHING.
Lion- This guy will nuke you until theres nothing left. Against Lion, you just need to make sure that you initiate. Otherwise, your'e dead because of her no cast animation hex.
Omniknight- This guy was built to counter juggernaut. His Repel stops Blade Fury, and Guardian Angel counters Omnislash. If you really want this guy dead, call for a gank. You won't be able to kill him by yourself. FYI: you won't be able to chase him because of Degen Aura.


To survive is pretty hard as you don't have any disable/stun skill. So how to survive in-game? Easy, just be smart, if you're farming, always keep an eye on the minimap. Of course, this isn't very easy but you have to keep trying to do it. When an enemy disappears, hide yourself in the fog of war or go farm neutral creeps.

If you're having team battle, try to stay back and learn what is the right time for you to engage in battle. One useful tips when you're involving in team battle is that you want yourself to be difficult to be selected. Try not to get too much attention and sneak in the battle. If you're "naked" or everybody starts to focus you, it's bad. Try to run back out of their range when they starts to target you and then go back when they stop hitting you but aiming at your teammates.

If you're fighting 1 on 1, know what he has and what skills/combo he's going to use, find ways to counter him and kill him along the way. One important aspect that can turn the tides when doing 1 on 1 is the creeps. Even a hero which is 2-3 levels lower than his enemy can still win the battle if there are more creeps around. So, make sure you have the creep advantage when engaging, don't run in blindly. If you have Satanic, buff yourself with Unholy Rage. This will give you enough damage and lifesteal to get out with a kill. This is very crucial to your survival as Juggernaut has a relatively low EHP throughout early to mid game.

To escape from dangerous situation is not hard, but also depends on when you start to escape. As Juggernaut has a low HP pool, I would suggest you start running away when you're HP is left half the bar. Always remember that if your HP is left half the bar, you don't have any HP at all. Keep having this kind of logic, because with only half bar of HP, you'll only left around 700-1000 HP left so 1 ultimate like Laguna Blade, Finger of Death, etc. should be able to kill you. To escape from a dangerous situation, just Blade Fury and start running to a safe place.

There are times when you're escaping, enemy's hero like Bone or Bounty Hunter will chase after you to finish you off. Don't worry and just run, if he comes out for you, Omnislash him and he should be dead.

Another good way to escape is to use the Blade Fury-Teleporting technique. If you have a Boots of Travel, cast Blade Fury first and then use Teleport. With magic immunity from Blade Fury, enemy can't cancel your teleportation. One thing to remember when pulling off this combo is to cast Teleport fast right after Blade Fury. Blade Fury's duration is 5 seconds while Teleport duration is 3 seconds. So, it is better for you to teleport before the Blade Fury ends, or else the enemy might stuns you in the last seconds. One note about this combo is that Stuns from normal attack or the Knockback from Spirit Breaker will cancel your teleport.

How to: Teamfight

In a teamfight situation, your job is to focus down the squishy casters FAST while then picking up the stragglers. Also, feel free to initiate with Blade Fury. The magic immunity is no joke. Drop your ward, nobody will destroy it (most of the time) simply because they are too busy attacking your teammates to notice the ward that is healing them back up at a godlike rate. AS SOON AS THERE ARE NO ENEMY CREEPS: Omnislash. Pop your MoM first if you have it, but make sure there are no enemy creeps nearby as that just wastes slashes. After Omnislash, there won't be much left of the team so chase down the stragglers and kill them all.

At level 11 is where your ult really becomes deadly in teamfights. Before now, it is mostly used to just finish off an escaping hero, but with 6 slashes instead of 3, jumping in with this in a teamfight does a MASSIVE amount of damage to the whole team (provided you wait until the creeps are dead). =D GG WP

How To: Jungle

I'll leave this explanation to a very excellent guide I found over at playdota:

Quick Tips:

-Make sure to use Phase or Haste after you have used Blade Fury.

-Place Healing Ward inside of trees to make it impossible for the enemy to kill.

-Always make sure you have enough mana to Blade Fury and Omnislash

-Always have a TP to be able to Blade Fury + Teleport from tight situations.

-Make sure to pop Mask of Madness before you ult.

-Blade Fury + Teleport usually is a safe teleport against magic disables not physical,
(beserker call, roar, net).

-Be aggressive in pushing if you know you can get away with Spin/TP.

-Do not kill creep waves with Blade Fury unless you know you will be safe for its cooldown.

-One lvl 1 healing ward outheals the dmg from a soul ring, as well as it's a GREAT aid in doing a lvl 1 roshan. And a bit less common

-Make sure creeps will not appear next to someone you are about to Omnislash by looking at the position of your own creep wave on the minimap to help you determine where their creeps are even under fog.

-You can buy from the secret shop from the Roshan pit.

-It is possible to solo Roshan if you use a level 4 Healing Ward and level 4 Crit. Smoke in. Heal youself after you are below 50% health. Only solo him if you know it is safe to do so. Medallion of Courage and MoM help to kill Roshan faster and before Healing Ward runes out.
Do whatever you can to provide the most for your team.

-If you can't prevent a push by the enemy team, push one of their towers to make an equal trade.

-Spam attack-click one of your own creeps if an enemy tower is attacking you.

-You can auto-attack anything that doesn't take damage from Blade Fury while using Blade Fury but you can't attack anything that takes damage from Blade Fury (aka other heroes).

-You can use items during Omnislash such as dust (this only works in dota 1 so far)

-To push a tower, lay a Healing Ward down and tank the tower hits. This lets your creep wave stay alive to do more damage to the tower.

-You can spin to clear a enemy creep wave while attacking their tower.

-Only push towers if you know the enemies wont be able to defend it.

-Always click on enemies to know what items they are buying or see their mana/HP.

-Blade Fury does 300/375/450/525 damage respectively if the enemy only has default 25% spell

-Omnislash does approximately 637.5/1275/1912.5 if the enemy has 0% damage reduction from armor.

-Omnislash has a one second cast time. This means that heroes with instant cast will hit him first. For example, lion can always hex a Juggernaut before Juggernaut can Omnislash him.


iG vs Na'Vi (The Play): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La--egn0MrU (27 min and on is where it's amazing =D)

Na'Vi vs LGD: https://dotabuff.com/matches/37584550

*higher* level pub: https://dotabuff.com/matches/48646360

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