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Johnny's Guide to Harbinger

November 26, 2015 by JohnnyAppleBomb
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Uber pwnage

DotA2 Hero: Outworld Destroyer

Hero Skills

Arcane Orb

8 12 13 14

Astral Imprisonment

1 4 9 10

Essence Flux

2 3 5 7

Sanity's Eclipse

6 11 16


15 17 18

Johnny's Guide to Harbinger

November 26, 2015


Hello everybody and welcome to my guide to be uber pwnage at Harbinger (Outworld Devourer/Outworld Destroyer) Harbinger is a high INT carry hero who can be played in the mid off or safe lane. There is not really much else to this hero but he is a simple hero to play and can easily dominate the battlefield.

About Harbinger

Harbinger is a hero that is a weak early game but crushes in the late game if played correctly and level'd correctly, his skills can keep his team in a fight for longer, initiate in ganks (on a singular target) and deal high amounts of damage to enemy creeps, hero's and neutral creeps (best to avoid the Jungle though). Enemies can be defeated easily as this hero but invest too much money into your INT and you may be in trouble and be a bit too squishy.


Q - Arcane Orb - There is not much to say about this skill apart from that it is boss, the damage dealt is pure which means that it can instantly shut down magic resistant enemies (e.g. Anti-Mage, Pudge, etc.) If you have enough intelligence (therefore enough mana) enemies can be taken down within mere seconds.
W - Astral Imprisonment - This skill is good in the early game to gain extra int and increase your damage to harass the enemies so you can farm a bit more without worrying and it can be used to set up ganks on enemies around mid game when you are ready to fight
E - Essence Aura - By far one of my most favourite skills, it may be a passive but this skill is so useful in a team fight, giving your allies some extra mana for the fight granting more flexibility and you may also Spam your Q and never run out of mana.
R - SANITY'S ECLIPSE - This ultimate combined with Ag's and a refresher would mean the end of all who oppose Harbinger but if that combo doesn't do it, throw in an Earth Shaker and/or a Leshrac and/or a Queen of Pain and all will be good to go!


Starter items - Null talisman can provide good all around stats and extra damage and a tango for some in lane healing.
Early game - Boots for the extra mobility obviously and a magic wand is always a good item to have and can provide extra survivability
Core - This is where **** gets real! Okay so Power Treads are a necessity with Harbinger you may either put your points into STR or INT one for some survivability and the other for damage. Force staff is a great escape from a fight or can pull the enemy closer to you, also providing extra INT. Ag's is for the upgrade on your ult and the stat upgrades. Rod of Atos provides more survivability and can keep an enemy from escaping and who doesn't carry a TP scroll around?
Situational - There are a lot of items in this pool and they all depend on the current situation you are in hence being situational so I will go through all the items individually.
Refresher and Orchid are both core items for me but they are here in situational as they don't really provide much except for their active components.
Black King Bar, if you are taking a lot of magic damage and can't necessarily survive in a team fight this item is most likely best for you.
Shiva's Guard and Scythe of Vyse (Pig stick) both have great active components and provide a surreal amount of boosting stats that can make you a damage dealing machine, but as mentioned before what would damage be without your own hit points?
Shadow Blade, why? well I find this item to be great if you want to be a bit of a douche if you find a 5 man push on one of your lanes and you have Ag's and Refresher, want a rampage? then get this.
Moon Shard. What can I say about this? it's always great to deal super high amounts of DPS (Damage Per Second)
Animal Courier If for some odd reason your team doesn't have a support and everyone is *****ing and wining about a courier, just do it, take one for the team

Pros / Cons

- High Damage
- Easy to learn
- Rich Lore
- Good team fight
- Excellent abilities
- Low hit-points
- Low Armour
- Weak early game unless harassing lane
- Can't really push towers hard

Team Work

In a team fight you can either make or break as Harbinger, but being a team based game you are going to have to be the one that makes it, deal some early initial damage with your ultimate and if you have Ag's get your team around and get ready, now some strength and agility based heroes will become weaker but if you are up against Silencer for instance you are basically screwed, this hero does not work against other High INT heroes.


I realise that this may not be the best guide in the dotafire files but this is how I play this hero and it works for me and don't be fooled by how ugly this guide looks, give it a try and see how it goes.
In conclusion, Harbinger is a great hero and is fun to play, not really much else to say apart from get out there on the field and have yourself some fun!

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