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November 23, 2014 by ThinkOtherWay
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LATE carry

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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late caryy build

Hero Skills

Blade Fury

1 3 5 7

Healing Ward


Blade Dance

9 12 15 18


6 11 16


2 4 8 10 14 17


November 23, 2014


Hellow and welcome to my juggernaut guide. This is my very first guide so its not high standards but hope it is good naff.

juggernaut is a agility carry hero who can late game carry to some point if he gains naff advantage over his opponent.

This build if goes correctly can make you a hero killer (did solo SA/POTM/BS 1 on 1) and thanks to the items i maneged to kill all 3 of them in 1 ulti.

this is a very short guide any tips on how to make it longer will be happily accepted.

P.S and cooler :)

Pros / Cons


[*] Powerful early game thanks to his blade fury.
[*] extremely potent ultimate whose with orbs and AS can be imbalanced even 3 vs 1.
[*] excellent heal (ward)
[*] good crit (35%) by the time mort do 2 crits u can do 3+ most of the time.

[*] Bad stats growth
[*] early mana problems
[*] can be out carried by many (true hard carry late game(with few exceptions).
[*] very item dependent

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