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Jakiro support pusher guide

April 10, 2014 by RobotOverlord
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Support Pushing build

DotA2 Hero: Jakiro

Hero Skills

Dual Breath

5 8 13 14

Ice Path

1 3 7 10

Liquid Fire

2 4 9 12


6 11 16


15 17 18

Jakiro support pusher guide

April 10, 2014


Jakiro is a superb lane support hero capable of harassing enemies and setting up ganks for team mates. His strengths lie in his ability to quickly take out creep waves mid to late game and harassing the enemies with his passive ability early game. His weaknesses are his extended casting animations and his straight line abilities. Jakiro has a very useful stun ability which allows him to set up a wall for a short time that can stun enemies for a short period. His first ability allows you to destroy creep waves quickly. His passive auto attack is his pushing ability it is pretty much hit a tower with it and get out. rinse and repeat. His ultimate ability is amazing when combined with all his other abilities and a powerful tool in a team fight.

Early game

With the wards give one two the easy lane character as you are generally better suited to the hard lane. this will allow you vision of both runes for a short time into the game. If you have enough money from farm buy more or let the other support and share.
Jakiro works well with a character that has a ranged ability like sand kings burrow strike or Riki's blink strike so pair up with characters that have these. Let the other support character look after your carry as your abilities may not mean maximum amount of gold for them. if you are versing a melee ranged combo early game try to line up the ice path ability to hit both characters and then use your duel breath skill and liquid fire on the melee while your other lane partner goes for the ranged. If the ranged gets away (hopefully not) your other partner should go for the melee character and this should result in a kill or two. While you aren't doing this your liquid fire shouldn't be on cool down. Remember its range is better than your right click attack so you are able to fire it off a little further away. Use this to harass the opposition and make last hits for them much harder. If you see a viable opportunity to push the towers don't me a miser with your mana and melt the creeps then when you get to the tower hit it once or twice with your liquid fire and get out.

Mid game:

By now your team should be going well and hopefully have at least 2 out of 3 t1 towers down (and all of yours are alive). If you see the enemy creeps getting close to one of your towers and there isn't an enemy hero helping them (hell even if there is and you are reasonably sure you can take them on) go over and give then a lick with duel breath and liquid fire then if the hero hasn't legged it macro pyre and then freeze then (hopefully if you get it right they are still effected while frozen). Now you will be able to help your team mates in a team fight by providing mana and health and a nice big stun, attack slow and move slow.

Late game:

Basically if you are here and you have the advantage keep doing what you are doing such as using your mec and mana boots before and after a team fight and using your veil of discord pipe and scepter of divinity (against the enemy carry)during to get the upper hand. Your Veil will increase the damage an enemy takes from magical damage (all of your abilities) and also your allies abilities too. Basically if you have the tower advantage push hit the enemy tower with liquid fire retreat. But if you don't and the enemy has wipes your towers into non existence then defend and you as Jakiro can defend like a boss because you wipe out waves of creeps and stun and yeah good aoe effects. So defend and kill off enemies and slowly get the advantage back and push hard when 3 or 4 are dead because 4-5 vs 1-2 odds are in your favor. And again liquid fire towers and fall back. (I have won a few games with this strategy).

Anything else...

I cant really think of anything else at the moment but this is my first guide i have made so i hope you find it useful and please tell me if you think there is anything i can add.

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