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Its Not easy being green :^(

March 20, 2016 by Kosaki Onodera
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It ain't ez being green...

DotA2 Hero: Necrophos

Purchase Order

Starting items

Healing Salve
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Animal Courier

Early game

Boots of Speed
Magic Wand

Boots 1 (ahead/snowballs)

Removed Item

boots 2 (not so ahead)

Phase Boots


Blade Mail

Situational 1 (health stacking with regens)

Aghanim's Scepter
Black King Bar
Heart of Tarrasque
Octarine Core

Situational 2 (Magic resist and armor)

Pipe of Insight
Shiva's Guard
Lotus Orb
Heart of Tarrasque

Other situationals (buy when needed)

Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Ghost Scepter
Force Staff
Linken's Sphere
Eye of Skadi
Orchid Malevolence
Scythe of Vyse
Rod of Atos
Refresher Orb

Hero Skills

Death Pulse

2 4 8 10

Heartstopper Aura

1 5 9 12

Ghost Shroud

3 7 13 14

Reaper's Scythe

6 11 16


15 18


I'm noone special, just a 3k(for now) scrubs who's a big fan of necrophos
I really like Necrophos, hes this cool old dude who only do things he enjoy (unlike most of us im sure :^))
Hes simply wander around with his scythe spreading his plague, healing his team while nuking enemy, reaping enemies or just secure kill for himself without giving a single f*ck.

Necrophos is a Nuker/Carry/Support, who is a lane bully early game with sustains, long range auto attacks, and Heartstopper aura
A bane in team fight with his aura and heals.
And gamebreaking in late game as he can prolong enemy in the afterlife while your team siege their base.
Oh this build for sidelane necro, not support or mid.

Shall we begin
this is my 1st ever guide so i apologize for any mistake

Items Explanation

It kinda looks like weed, and weed is good, so get a couple of those.

A circlet for the pope of pestilence, with nice stats :D.

With the spare golds buy a courier in case your team dont buy it, u have spare golds for courier eh? well if u team bought it, buy a ward instead.

Always a lovely purchase, and u can finish it at the side shop. u have to say good bye to them weeds tho.

Nice damage, Awesome active, great for chasing, or escaping, just don't spam it when its on cd, or nec will get mad.

Awesome instant sustains, awesome debuff removal, just not as much mobility as phase and very expensive, buy it only when u ahead.

U heal yourself, deals damage to enemy, while enemy hurts themselves till the point u can reap them? Blademail Perfectly synergize with necros abilities. F***ing BUY IT every damn game!.

**** YEEE, When u see someone with 50% health, bring down the hammer.... scythe.... Plus they cant buyback(which is gamebreaking in late game).

0 ****s were given whenever i activated it. Nuff said, moving on!

Tanky Necro Op Necro.
More Heals, More health and mana, And alot of ints, lovely item eh?.

Dont forget to pop it eh, Great items against heavy magic nukes.

Coolest item in the game, gives armor and slow attack speeds of those foolish carries, dont rush it tho, buy it after u have some healths.

Ill be honest, i rarely buy it, but i think its a great item for them armors and active, buy when needed.

Rather expensive, but gives nice stats and regens, plus awesome spell shield to keep necro from being focused, buy as needed depend on the match ups.

U can force 2 people to stay in the afterlife? F*ck Yeee, tho it give meh regens buy it only after u are bit tanky and has large mana pool.

A wild Juggernaut used omnislash, it's not very effective.

They are utility Items, UTILIZE THEM! for good or evil. (yeah, i'm lazy)


Well... i kinda dislike it due to its high price and it gives no tankiness or sustain whatsoever. I personally wont buy it.

Skill build explaination

Heal yourself and your allies for 70/90/110/130 while nuking the enemy for 125/175/225/275 magic damage, pretty neat and since its spamable its awesome in every stage of the game, making necrophos such a powerful team fight hero where allies thrives and enemy suffers.
Necrophos signature ability, an amazing aura enemy cant block that keeps ticking their 0.6/0.9/1.2/1.5% of health. Great in every stage of the game, and can melt any enemy no matter how tanky they are.
I have love-hate relationship with this ability.
HOWEVER it grants necrophos 6/12/18/36 healths and 12/24/36/72 manas for killing creeps and multiple that by 10 whenever he reap someones lives off.
HOWEVER with latest nerf, we cant keep it level 1 or necrophos will only regenerate very pitiful amount of health and mana.
Necrophos stuns the enemy for 1 second (so don't f*cking use it as disable, even when your team demands it) Then Deal 40%,60%,90% (60%,90%,120%) of their missing health.
AND if the target dies during this even not by necrophos, necrophos wills still get the killing credit.
NEVER HESITATE with this ability, use it when someone low enough, OR when you have teammates around.
And the additional time spawn and if u buy agha, your enemies wont be able to buyback, which is gamebreaking and let u win the game when used on the right enemy hero.
Hue hue hue hue.


Everygame basically like this:

Laning phase.
Start with your sustains, circlet and weeds, buy courier if noone does, or buy a ward.
Move your *** to offlane, put a ward on pull creep if u buy it or someone give it to you.
If u are with lane partner, focus on harassing the enemy than last hit.
If u are solo focus more on last hitting and stay on safe distance to prevent being ganked like a noob.
Pull the enemy jungle if your lane is pushed, by eating a tree on the enemy closest jungle camp when your creeps near your 3rd tower (the enemy might get the creeps, but your farms and exp wont get denied).
If u actually win the lane and kill the enemy heroes, ask help to push the offlane.
If u are being pushed and your tower endangered... well... let it go.

Middle game.
Stick with your team, whatever your items is don't play solo.
Buy a ward and a tp with each spare cash.
Keep your eyes on the mini map, be there when your team needs you.
Spam Death pulse to clear creep waves.

Team Fights.
Staying Alive is crucial for a success team fight.
With proper items to tank u up, spam death pulse, position yourself properly (that means don't any stuns or nukes) and keep enemy on your aura.
tldr; Forward and attack when your health is full, ***** out and heal yourself when u took some hits.

Late Game.
6 slotted items and u are an unkillable plague that the enemy has to focus, with aghanim's scepter reap the right enemy so they may stay dead to win the game. Refresher orb works well with this strategy.
Of course, do your best to stay alive all the time.
Feel free to disrespect tho :).

Heroes that trouble Necrophos

This match ups is for offlane

Magic resist and has stronger pokes than you early game, can easily kills u after 6.
But it all changes after you buy blademail, pop it before he hits u and keep healing yourself while he damages himself.

Same with huskar, before blade mail hes a big pain in the a**.

Queen of pain, Lina, Lion, Puck, invoker, etc.
Early game nukes can really screw u with necrophos rather low health pool early game. Stay away from these b*tches before u get your blademail and black king bar.

u cant use your spells and items? oh f**ck...
(get linkens :))

Anti Mage, invoker, lion, nyx, diffusal buyers.
Damn mana burns.....
(get arcane :) later GG (guardian greaves XD))

Team Work?

Its the same sh*ts
Heal allies.
Nuke enemies.
Stay alive.
Reap the enemy.
That's all necrophos do anyway...

A word of grattitude

Thank you so much For stumbling to my guides and take some times reading it
Yes, i need some improvements i'll be doing that
And thanks to dotafire for letting me craft a guide.


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