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Is the new Drow really nerfed ?

November 28, 2018 by majormax17
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Drow Ranger 7.20c

DotA2 Hero: Drow Ranger

Hero Skills

Frost Arrows

1 4 5 8


2 9 14 16


3 7 11 13


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+1 Multishot Waves
+12% Marksmanship Chance
-4s Gust Cooldown
+25% Multishot Damage
-8s Multishot Cooldown
Gust Reveals Invisible Units
+15 Frost Arrow Bonus Damage
+15% Gust Self Movement Speed

Is the new Drow really nerfed ?

November 28, 2018


When i saw Drow changes made in 7.20 patch i was like - "WTF" . Drow was utterly useless . I couldn't believe that they destroyed her so much . Then i tried , and tried , all with the same result - very hard games with most loses . It was like a creep with attack speed , no more - no less . And then , when 7.20b happened they actually gave Drow some bonus dmg on her ult , and that made mid-game easier . Now Drow could actually return to being core once again .

When we talk about skills and Talent Tree , you don't have to upgrade it it this way that I did . But the whole point is to upgrade 1st and 2nd skill first , not the third , because in early game Drows passive skill doesn't give you as much Attack Speed . So it is not very important as Slow and Silence debuffs.

NOTE : This build is only for advanced players that already have some experience with this hero .

Items and Gameplay

Starting and Early Game Items :

The Idea behind these Starting Items is to get two Wraith Bands as soon as possible . The original idea was to get one Wraith Band and Tango . But with Wraith Band price going up it became impossible to get Tango too . Tango would have to be shared with carry by his supports , so carry would depend even more on his supports than before . This is why I used this approach as best solution for "These new Hard Times" xD .
After getting two Wraith Bands you need to get Power Treads which will give you even more dmg , agility and attack speed . Note that Drow is all about AGI stats now :) .

Mid and Late Game Items :

Maelstrom is a obvious choice here , giving Drow what she lacks most after new patch - DAMAGE . That will make your farm even faster , and your kills easier . Also it is a good choice if you have to fight high armor heroes , because of chain (magic) damage that ofc ignores armor . That combined with Drow Rangers ulttimate which ignores armor when triggered becomes a real deal . But , just to remind you that drow is not invulnerable . So she gonna need some safety . That you may find in Dragon Lance . It will give you more AGI and STR stats and ofc it will increase your attack range and allow you to attack from rather safe distance and even allow you to attack towers out of their range . And finally , for same purposes , Morbid Mask is unavoidable , making you even more durable and independable because of lifesteal .
In Late Game , you gonna have a lot of attack speed because of your 3rd skill combined with AGI that was giving you attack speed anyway . So all you need now is more stuff like : DMG , STATS or ESCAPE . Obvious choices are Hurricane Pike , Butterfly , Daedalus and Satanic . These items should be enough to make you one of strongest guys in your game especially because of new Satanic bonuses .

Optional Items :

For some people Aghanim's Scepter would be logic choice even as one of first items considering its great combination with Drows ult . With scepter , which gives Drow split DMG (similar to Medusa) Drow can proc bonus 120 DMG on any of units near the creep that was originally attacked , which would kill creeps instantly ; meaning - You would be able to farm even faster and you would get good stats .
I think you all know how other items that I suggested work , so I won't be explaining each of them separately . Just give some thought about who you play against , and choose optional Items wisely even if you have to buy them before Items that I suggested .

How Drow should be played now ?

It would be preferable to have a support with healing or stun ability , if you ask me Dazzle would be perfect . With dazzle , enemy heroes are easily slowed and harassed . Ofc , in case of gank he could save Drow with his 2nd skill . After you get lvl 6 , you should occasionally push your lane and then go clear some Ancient and Hard capms (It's now easy because of Drows new ability to kill creeps with 1 hit regardless of their hp). That would provide you with extra GOLD and EXP . And that's basically all stuff you should know before you start playing new Drow Ranger . Of course there is always more stuff , but you probably already know most about Drow , so i believe i would just waste time explaining already known things . But feel free to ask me anything you want to know or to suggest some changes in comment section .

To Conclude


Drows early Items are probably best items that any AGI carry can buy . That is because soon after taking runes and getting few creeps , you can upgrade them to "Wraith Bands" and so get the bonuses .


Looks like Drow Ranger still can be played as a carry .So , in this new patch she can even be played as a middle laner and Win against opponents that she had no chance against before . Not everything is so GREY ... ;) .

I'm looking forward to your comments . :P

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