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Is that a broken twig?

September 15, 2014 by yoloboy
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Is that a broken twig?

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

10 14 15 16


2 4 6

Shadow Walk

1 3 5 9


7 11 12 13


17 18

Is that a broken twig?

September 15, 2014

Chapter Title

Early game harass as much as possible until you get 350 gold for your tranquil boots. The reason for tranquil boots, besides the movement speed, is for the regen which will allow you to harass your lane effectively (stealth-hit-restealth). This should allow you to pick up a kill if you are with a partner. The movement speed for tranquil boots could and has helped me get in an early gank at mid (and can help have a global presence very early before you start running really really fast).

Chapter Title

After acquiring your tranquil boots you should get sage's mask. This is your last item that you can get without courier/secret shop (side shops). We are building towards staff of divinity for the +40 movement speed bonus, which will get you to 495 movement speed. I like to buy mask first then void stone because you need the mana to start ganking the whole map. Then I save up and buy the staff and plan in one courier ride (this can take a while if you don't get kills/die/last hits).

The only other thing to say is that getting this staff helped me get so many kills (stunning/chasing down, stun 1 kill the other etc.), in addition to saving my life and that of my allies many many many many times all the way into the late game (gives you some early utility in team fight with the ability to cast on friends and foes). Part of this builds magic is getting max jinada and stealth early. The staff helps make up for the loss of Shuriken Toss (and makes you a bit of a team player). I also am pinching money so much, not buying mana pots, that not taking shuriken or stealth and instead saving the mana allows me to stealth twice as much while running across the map ganking, or even harassing my/another lane.

I should mention that if you get Sange & Yasha your movement speed will be 516. So. Close. To. Max. Just be aware couriers will not catch up to have to stop and wait

Chapter Title

Now's when the fun really starts. 516 or 495 movement speed is just awesome and now you are getting some more tools. MKB and Desolator help A LOT. If I get enough kills or if the wards are particularly annoying (or Riki) I get true sight.

Basically your job early game is to dash across the map assisting lanes by hitting enemy heroes and restealthing or assisting in team fights. Obviously you need to keep an eye out across the whole map watching for low health targets. If anyone gets low it's time to hunt them down. If your mate gets low and the enemy pushes, you need to be there to turn the tides so your buddy can turn around and get the kill.

As you get your abilities you become an awesome tool. Your movement speed is 100 more than some of the other heroes, so you can show yourself on one side of the map, only to dash to the other side and gank when they feel safe. You have track allowing true sight of all those bounties. Your shuriken toss won't do much damage by the time you pick it up, but the mini stun will help (you also have staff of divinity stun) and I've still finished plenty of heroes off with shuriken even at later levels.

Don't underestimate your ability to psychologically make them feel unsafe. The goal is to make all the lanes think I'm stealthed waiting, watching, hunting...


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