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Io without boots

May 7, 2018 by asci
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only one build until Heart of Tarrasque

DotA2 Hero: Io

Purchase Order

starting items

safe lane after 5 minutes, magic stick first

safe lane after 6-10 minutes

roaming after 20 minutes

from 22+

from 30+

late Game

just in my fantasy as game never lasts more then 1 hour

Hero Skills


1 13 14 16


2 3 5 7


4 8 9 11


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

Attacks Tether Ally's Target
-30s Relocate Cooldown
+150 Gold/Min
Tether Grants Scepter Bonus
+8 Health Regen
+75 Spirits Damage
+25% XP
+45 Damage

Io without boots

May 7, 2018


07.05.2018: Talents again got changed...annoying...i just remade talent choice

IO needs no boots

Hi, i made the Wisp 7.07, but recent changes in IOs talents and Soul Ring made him so versatile that he now fits almost any Role and instead of fixing the old Guide after playing the whole night bot games to find out the right starting items i think this warrants this short new extension Guide with timings and items.
My other Guide schould be read for reference (skills, pros/cons...).
I doubt that this guide will be valid for long as Io now is so broken that he will always be first banned in pro games.
He is first pickable.

This Guide is made for public games with no communication, as that is how i play usually.
Its a lot of fun to play, its risky, and its rewarding if it pays of.
There is one big Problem with it. You might steal farm from your Carry, so try to get a non jungler.

laning Phase

In 7.07 choosing what to do with your time is important; every second of the game you have to accomplishing something.
Carries need their supports a lot this patch, but Io doesnt start to support with wards before he got his Ring of Health. Period.
After you got your Force Staff and lvl 10 you can buy all the wards and tomes, so you really need a support who does all supporting until minute 10, and benefits from you taking over at minute 20. Dazzle and Crystal Maiden come to mind.

Teether to your carrie from behind the trees to destroy them and get a free view.
Don't use spirits at level 1, its a waste of mana and you dont have soul ring yet.
Stay near your tower until you got your force staff.
After lvl 3 spam spirits at max distance to annoy the enemy and pull camps and for detection, use soul ring when teethered, your ally can use mana too.

Creeping / Jungling

You will have to learn how to use the great range + damage talents of IOs balls with the right timings to clear creep wave after creep wave and jungle really fast.
If you teleport from the fountain always do this with spirits on.
If you tp for example from the main fountain into the radiant top fountain with max range lvl 10, you will pull all 3 camps to you at arriving with health and mana boost.
Make your radius smaller and explode the balls.
As u got the Soul Ring don't walk around without balls.
Use them to pull camps, to scout, wait until u can recast them and make sure to be at this time on top of a creep wave or a camp with spirits completely contracted, explode the spirits by recasting them and go on to the next wave/camp.
You can use your stick if you don't arrive in time, just make sure there is no enemy around.
Without stick ready you are dead. Ward a lot.
This will allow incredible fast farming. Just don't use overcharge and use D to contract the circle when cleaning camps, auto att the strongest creep.


Talents got again all changed... damn...
Level 10 pick damage, buy every Tome of knowledge you can.
Level 15 choose teether grants scepter bonus, but make sure your teammates take heroes who benefit, like sven.
At lvl 20 the attack teethered ally synergizes with your lvl 10+15, so sadly no choice.
Level 25 you still take the regen, as HoT and Octarine are now (thx to the lvl 20 talent) difficult to get, but still Core...


as written before, read the other two guides for io.
my guide
The 2000+ Commend Io Guide

I would love a commend/comment on this.
Also if negative ;)

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