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Invoker's Build: Witness True Sorcery!

June 6, 2012 by Aemon
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DotA2 Hero: Invoker

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Invoker's Build: Witness True Sorcery!

June 6, 2012


Guide From: Aemon (IDB team)

Hi all, that's my first guide on dotafire, i hope u'll enjoy it!
English is not my mother language, so please be patient if I commit some grammatical error =).

First thing to know is that invoker is hard to master, and this char need's patience and dedication to be mastered 'cause he has a lot of spell and combination to know.

U need to be in mid so you can make more money and exp and outperform your opponents, so it could be more helpfull for your team during the teambattle in midgame.

Very important thing is to try keep urself alive, remember, less times you'll die, more experience and money you'll have, so you'll gain an advantage against your enemies.
Dont risk death just to make a kill, if you are sure you'll can get without dying, Kill Him, otherwise let him go, you will have other opportunities to earn kill.

(!!!! In Costruction !!!!)

Pros / Cons

-One of the strongest solo mid Char
-Good moviment/attack speed with wex buff
-Good escape mechanisms
-Has a lot of disruption spell
-Early regen with quas buff(Like you're always eating a tango [7,2 health regen at lvl 3])
-Annoying manaburn with EMP
-Can Spam 4864684354384 Spell one after another in late game and make "a lot of damage" (not like ursa's damage but...)

-Hard to master
-Need micro-management skills during all the game
-Hard To master
-Can run into some mana probs in early game
-Hard To master
-Really Hard To master

Skills Order Analysis

Here we are.. So...What to say?...

Invoker is flexible character. My skill order is designed to have ASAP the access to all spell (but doesn't mean that the only skill order possible, when u'll master that char u can choice ur skill order on ur own,basing on what you feel most needed). this is the reason for the exort at lvl 6. I have often noticed that the teams starts pushing together around the lev 6/7/8, so I found it quite handy to have a disabling spell like Defeaning Blast when engaging the ferst team battle, it can save ur or ur allies life, or or even guarantee victory in that skirmish.

Why i switched to exort at lvl 16?
Well, I believe that the Quas 4 instances are just the right amount and I do not believe you require more than 4 instance at the moment, and maxing exort will help u in doing damage during team battle whit chaos meteor or forge spirit etc.

List of spell:
QQQ= Cold Snap
QQW= Ghost Walk
QQE= Ice Wall
QWW= Tornado
QWE= Defeaning Blast Defeaning Blast
QEE= Forge Spirit
WWE= Chaos Meteor
WEE= Alacrity
EEE= Sun Strike

Skill Usage & Combos

Early Game:
In mid lane u can harrass ur opponent with coldsnap + wex buff to deal some damage,
If the enemy is near the death and he's trying to run away, switch to tornado and finish him.

is good to kill enemies who are running away thanks its long range, I advise you not to use it to engage a teamfight as making enemies invulnerable and could also be useful in case of retreat. instead recommend using defeaning blast that disables enemies making them vulnerable.

Some Combos:

+ +
Tornado + EMP + Coldsnap is your first skill combo's. that allow u to have good damage output and an annoying manaburn + stun for ur opponent. Quite Good for fight but better for single target ( I do not like to use tornado in teamsfights except for retreats or to hit enemies on the run)

Defeaning Blast +
This combo makes a lot of damage (in late game, when ur exort lvl is high) and is good to engage a team fight.

Good combo for late game(when ur exort lvl is high). it can be some kind of permastun for ur opponent.
forge spirit make a lot of damage, and their armor reduction ability is helpfull against a tank character. (usually i use it with exort buff just to have more damage output).

variant for coldsnap + forge spirit
+ +

This can be lethal if u master that. forge spirit with their armor reduction abilities + ur alacrity buff and cold snap on 1v1... probably the enemy will not move from his position 'cause of the stun XD.

can be also usefull if casted on a carry in teamfight or on urself if pushing a tower.

This can seve ur life if used at the right moment. that will slow a lot ur enemy allowing you and ur allies to run away or giving advantage in combat.

(!!!! In Costruction !!!!)

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