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Invoker Test Wex-Exort (pls comment)

November 13, 2012 by OTT666
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Invoker Test Wex-Exort (pls comment)

November 13, 2012


Hello Dotafire-Community ;)

To make it short, this is my first (testing) guide.
Usually I just wanted to test the skillorder for myself, but decided to make it public to get some feedback from other Invoker players.

NOTE: It's just a testing guide for now, if u are new to invoker please use another guide, because I won't update it to an in-depth guide atm. There are a few ones with in-depth information already. (but if u think this guide is working or has some potential i will think about it =) )

I've been playing Invoker quite alot and know how to handle him. At first I decided to play a Quas-Exort Inv and did well, but I missed some utility to help out in teamfights more.
Then I started playing a Quas-Wex one who has an opposing problem - good utility and weak dmg.
I couldn't find a guide to balance this out so I created my own one.

The idea behind this build is to get average dmg output with exort + dagon, speed and flexibility with wex and for the early game enough endurance to stay on lane with quas (ofc u could use tangos, but usually u dont need em).

All in all the three points in quas should be enough to have a good stun with QQQ and QWE.
The only problem is a lack of pushing-power due to just one forge spirit (QEE), so if u need the 2nd one u can simply spend a point in quas instead of wex.

So this should be enough explanation for now. I would really like to get some feedback and criticism from some dota veterans =)
Please don't flame about "this is not finished yet" and just degrade it; don't misunderstand me, I WILL expect some negative critics, but it shouldn't be about the guide, but the build, items and skill order.

Thank you for your attention and please comment :D

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