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invoker quas exort ganking build

November 15, 2013 by devilzloki
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quas exort

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

Purchase Order

start( no matter what go mid )

Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Healing Salve

early game(1-10 min)

Hand of Midas
Phase Boots
Force Staff
Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Magic Wand

mid game(15-30)

Aghanim's Scepter
Force Staff
Hand of Midas
Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Phase Boots

late game(35+)(what you will be having in end game)

Aghanim's Scepter
Hand of Midas
Force Staff
Magic Wand
Boots of Travel
Refresher Orb

alternative(purchase in order)(not recommended)

Blades of Attack
Healing Salve
Iron Branch
Arcane Boots
Hand of Midas
Force Staff
Aghanim's Scepter
Refresher Orb
Eye of Skadi

Hero Skills


2 5 8 12 15 23 25


6 9 13 16 20 22 24


1 4 7 11 17 19 21


3 10 14 18


invoker quas exort ganking build

November 15, 2013

how to choose which build you have to go for

to find out which build to go for , so like quas wex, or full exort or etc.
i will tell you which is whicih
quas wex-easy farm, if you wont gank well, but more harrase and get farm in lane and be durrable in team fights, go for quas wex,
quas exort- this build will give you well done harrasing so cold snap+ forge spirit and can gank early game, it runs out its needs in late game, but if you can paly this builld well, then you will have no problem playing
all 3-this is alright, although this can seem like a good idea, its not, i wont suggest it, because you dont max any orbs first, you will need more on every orb, you wont get as much ganks, or last hits, in mid game,, you will probley change to either those two up top
there is more, but these are most suggested, if you get gank well with quas wex, then you will most likly to get lots of kills nad farm as well


most people start with blades of attack branch and a salve
its bad because it will only do a decent mount of health re gen and only +1 to every attributes
if you get 3 branch+ a circlet, you get +4 so more mana+health attack speed and bbecause i put a tango and a salve, you will have enough regen with the quas, you will have safe farm and harrassing manovers
you can skip the midas if you want, it will save you time to get the core items, however, most pro players like ferrari or iceiceice doesnt skip it usually, it will give you benifits for later game and have farm as much you need, as soon as you find it on no cooldown, then use it.
sell the eul later on, in mid game it helps alot because of its tornado, mana+ and etc.
i usually skip euls because i go for early ags, dont do that, that is bad. only do that method when you think you will die alot, i do that because often i get ganked and lose money, so i wont have a chance to get it in mid, trust me get it its worth it.
dont get bottle, get a wand instead, the bottle is usless because every time you get hit you lose a charge out of 3, beacuse you are less likley to die, you mostly will be ganked with magic, that will charge up the wand and will instantly give you health and mana, and plus
you got quas and emp for the regens so dont bother getting a bottle, bottle is situational for voker.


if you are going quas wex, you will most be durrable, beeceaues you can save team mates by tornado or ice wall, drain their mana with emp, cold snap and attack etc
and you also got a escape ghost walk
the skills are like this i will explain all spells here
quas is a orb to create other spells, it gives you a ice element as i like to call it and health regen, if you are in low health then use this to get regen bonus (doesnt regen mana)
wex is a orb like quas, to make other spells, it will give you attack speed and movement speed
this is great for chasing enemys when you cant have a boost anymore or escape
exort is a orb that will give you bonus damage it wont provide speed or anything but damage, this is great for ganking and also harrassing when fighting and you are ok with health, toggle exort.
invoke- the ult to make other spells
so theses are the recipies for the spells
qqq-cold snap- freezes an enemy for a second or so and every damage the toggled enemey recieves will make her stuned for anothre 0.5 seconds or so
www-emp- it drains mana and deals damage, use this in team fights where its full of intelegence heroes, drains their mana, use it for yourself
eee-sunstrike a spell that is global and will shoot a yellow lazer beam that shoots from the sky,has 2.8 seconds of delay and will deal 100-475 damage, depends on how much exort you had lvled up
qqw-ghost walk makes yourself invis and will slow yourself and the enemy near you use it for escape and initiation if you dont die as much
qqe-ice wall - will slow the enemy who is in contact with the wall and will deal damage while in contact, force staff in and use this spell so they have nowhere to go
wwq-tornado- makes the enemy fly in the sky so you can use spells on them while they are in the air.
wwe-alcarity- this will give you bonus attack speed, is this with cold snap and forge spirit, the enmy wont be able to move for a while
eeq- forge spirit- spawns 1 fire creature...thing if your quas and exort is below 5
they will deal damage and has a decent amount of base damage, (upgrade quas for longer liv time and exort for more damage)
eew- chaos meteor- spawns a massive fireball from the sky and deals burn damage over time
use this with tornado and defining blast
qwe-defining blast- invoker will shoot a wave that has all the element it in, this will push enemys that are hit back and will paralize them for a few seconds
(for showoff use this combo tornado -> emp->chaos meteor->defining blast->force staff->ice wall-> alcarity-> and forge spirit , if you want it be even fancier get refresher and do that again, will kill almost anything, including pudge with 3+ hearts

Pros / Cons

will initiate,kill and push very well
very unlikley to die
can land sunstrikes, very durable
will be able to gank very well
wont have much problem having a 1-4 vs 1
will just as good as a hero with 4 spells
mix up spells most of the time
miss sunstrikes by not even close, or even dont know how to sunstrike
will be vunerable against simple and squishy heroes like drow
needs lot of mana just to join team fights.
wont know how to use any spells
will rage bout everything
probely lol players playing dota


if you are going to paly invoker, you must say you will go mid, if pudge insists to go mid, say you can help gank mid and get some kills off himself/but before that, just do whatever to go mid, invoker laning can possibly the worse thing that can happen, if he still says no, say you will solo lane, and wish that you are going tri lane or someone jungling

make sure you have map awareness, you can land sunstrikes for early kills and easier farming,
always pay attention where you are thats number one

when ganking, make sure use
cold snap+forge spirit+icewall/aclarity
for single target
tornado+chaos meteor+defening blast/emp
for a tanky hero or a group

early games, dont spam tornado chaos meteor or any of them focus on cold snap, ice wall, forge spirit alcarity and sunstrikes.worry bout the other spells untill late game

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