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Invoker Mid Stages.

July 16, 2013 by iMperiaLiSm
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Casual Nuke-Escape Build

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

Hero Skills


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Casual Nuke-Escape Build

At the beginning you are starting with blade of attack just to have some damage,iron wood for some stats and tangos for regeneration.When you have enough gold you finishing your phase boots.After that you making a bracer and start ganging(if you get some kills you can finish your force staff easily or if you dont get you can farm it at the lane aswell).Blink dagger giving you the ability to be more aggressive and defencive at the same time so is kinda usefull in this build.Meanwhile, you have to make the drums.After you finish this items you need more hp so you can make Aghanism because it improves your ulti and giving you more hp and mp.If you are well farmed by creeps or enemys you can make this items really fast .Dont forget to make Scythe of vyse so you can nuke your enemys and help your team.Finally but not least you can make Black King bar or linkens Spears if needed its about your enemys if you have enemys with many aoe build BkB if you have enemys with skills like "Doom,Laguna,Fingers... and one target stuns" the best choise is Linkens" of course you can make this items build from the items you want first.For example you can make first drums and then force staff.

TIP Always Carry a tp.

Aggressive invoker

With this build you push your enemys to their limits and making them tap out really quickly,you can make this build if you think that your team "carry" isnt good enough to carry this game and You taking the game to your shoulder.If you think that you cant survive with this build make before Satanic BkB first and then sell your Orchid and make the Satanic so you can have lifesteal with all this damage.

TIP Always Carry a tp.

Anti-Tryharders Build

This build provides you survive ability from the "tryharders".After you finish your item build if you want you can sell Force staff and get Dagger if needed.If you have enough money till the end you can sell and re-buy your Black King Bar so you can have it active for more seconds.

TIP Always Carry a tp.

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