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Invoker hard carry eazy wins

May 25, 2014 by RaGE.Sandmano
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mid carry hard

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

Hero Skills


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10 16 18 19 20 21 22


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invoker is in my opinion the most complete hero in the entire game, he has the power to change team fights 360 degrees he has everything a hero could ask for , invisiblity slow/snare a fiery beam that will wreck anyone low enough anywhere on the map and other spells that are true game changers.

heroes to look out for/ to look for

id be scared of the big bad bullies of invoker which are mainly outworld, bat and skywrath since they have high potential for easy kills and render invoker useless in the early stages due to their high harass. another hero to look out for is tinker, if he knows what hes doing you may have a hard time. another true beast is pudge. this is not as worrying as the others but one hook can end the laning phase by you losing. watch out for those hooks!

heroes that you would like to see
easy to deny and last hit unless he gets really lucky with headshots, extremely easy to gank and very low hp pool and no escape makes him an easy target for any invoker player in the mid lane

zues. truly easy to kill and not that difficult to stay on lane since quas helps so much during laning by simply swapping orbs you can last hit and regen fast

Pugna. with my build hes not as annoying since you dont cast as many spells.

90% of all int heroes are easy since you have huge base damage very early on and can outlasthit easily since their base damage is not very high.

lane fluidity

during the laning phase it is essential you try to get your midas asap. if you dont have it by 9:25 give up on it completely and continue with the rest of the items. i sometimes take wex at level 5 if im playing against a player that i believe will gank me or has potential to kill me early. this isgood vs pudge or if mirana is in the game so you can quickly ghost walk

items to choose

in my opinion the true core item you need is desolator. i usually get it by 14 minutes but any later than 18 minutes means you are far behind and should try to jungle with spirits and try ganks.

Shadowblade should be your second core item since it allows you to position yourself perfectly for the kill and also gives you an escape if youre not fast enough with ghost walk . it also gives you more movement early on since ghost walk gives u - movement speed. the 150 damage bonus doesnt hurt either!

after that it depends on the team youre up against if they have alot of disables then a BKB straight up is a good enough choice AFTER you get CRYSTALIS since that ensures you have enough damage. by this point you will be 4 shotting the squishies. MKB is a good choice if you have void or PA against you or just butterflies mjollnir never hurts since it gives you huge attack speed and nice proc damage aswell. going double daed is reccomended if youre against players that need to die quickly like a farmed AM or an especially tanky axe.


huge damage early on.
scales well late game
bane of hard carries late game like PA antimage.
makes last hitting a breeze quite early on
killing just got easier

much less mobility than traditional builds
die very quickly
difficult for you to roam and gank early
farm/item dependant.


in the end of the day this guide is not reccomended for ranked mainly for pub stomping only try this in ranked if you are confident in your abilities!

if anyone would like me to send them match IDS so they can see it in action i would be pleased to send them via steam.

thank you all for taking the time to read my guide and have a nice day :)))

At Your requests i will make a more detailed guide telling you how to use spells and more details on what items to buy and much more to come! thank you.

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