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Invoker build for low MMR (An extension to Day Stalker by Grimorum).

August 21, 2015 by Khorlidir
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Invoker low MMR Day Stalker - mid.

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

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What does low MMR mean?

  • Little to no warding.
  • Little to no team coordination.
  • New players, who tend to overextend and do mistakes.

What does it mean for Invoker?

  • Your Ghost Walk is rarely countered and you have not enough vision to properly cast combos.
  • Your initiation can be ignored by your team.
  • You can pick certain enemies to consume on a regular basis (feed on).

One of the solutions of this problem is going for an assassin-type Invoker with Crowd Control. This is the type, that I present to you here.

Zero phase (levels 1-3).

  1. Block creeps.
  2. Lasthit, deny, harass with 3 Exort orbs, keep the creepwave on high ground, closer to your tower.

Growing phase (levels 4-9).

  1. Invoke Alacrity and Cold Snap.
  2. Keep lasthitting denying and harassing with 3 Exort. Call 3 Wex orbs to move long distances.
  3. If the creepwave is being pulled to the enemy tower, cast Alacrity on yourself and autoattack your own creeps with 3 Wex until the creepwave is on your high ground.
  4. If the enemy overextends into the creepwave or, even better, under your tower, and autoattacks you, cast Cold Snap on them, Alacrity on yourself and autoattack the enemy until they retreat or die. Do not waste mana on other spells yet if you do not have the mana regeneration items (which you buy to build Orchid Malevolence).
  5. If you are low on health, call 3 Quas orbs and stay back to your tower, harass very accurately (or do not at all) and try to lasthit+deny.
  6. If you have to RUN, always call 3 Wex orbs.

Growing phase+ - before Orchid.

You are online now. Invoke Tornado and EMP to gank other lanes if your own lane is successful. EMP- Tornado- Deafening Blast is your gank combo now.

Keep your farming game in case you still have problems.
For solo kills Alacrity+Cold Snap is better, for group - Tornado- EMP- Deafening Blast.

Main phase - after Orchid.

You have two choices now: shutdown enemy carries farming/jungling, push towers or free problematic lanes of your allies from enemy groups.

To shutdown an enemy carry farming/jungling:

  1. Ensure, that they are farming/jungling alone.
  2. Invoke Cold Snap and Ghost Walk, call 3 Wex orbs, cast Ghost Walk.
  3. Move close to your target, but be sure, that you do not slow any of units, that they can see ( Ghost Walk slow range is 400).
  4. Cast Orchid Malevolence and Cold Snap on them, start autoattacking.
  5. Invoke Alacrity, cast on yourself, call 3 Wex orbs and continue autoattacking.

To push towers, simply cast Alacrity on yourself and call 3 Wex orbs while autoattacking towers (you should melt them down very quickly with some creeps).

To free problematic lanes, use the same Tornado- EMP- Deafening Blast combo and cast Orchid Malevolence on the most important to kill targets before Tornado connects with them.

If you are successful (relatively quick Desolator), then build into a hard rightclicker. Alacrity+ Mask of Madness+ Daedalus+ Desolator = insane physical damage.

If you are not successful, then revert to the combo-caster and hope, that you have luck with your team.

As soon as you get Scythe of Vyse, cast it on the most dangerous targets in teamfights.

Quick reference.


For much more in-depth information on Invoker:
Guide of the mighty master Grimorum.

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