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Invoker 7.05 Solo Queue or Initiator

May 15, 2017 by DioX
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Solo queue (Nuker)

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

Hero Skills


4 6 13 17 19 21 23


1 8 12 16 18 20 22


2 3 5 7 9 11 14



10 15

Hero Talents

3x Quas/Wex/Exort Passive Bonuses
Radial Deafening Blast​
+30 Alacrity Damage/Speed
+2 Chaos Meteors
-8s Cold Snap Cooldown
+50 Forged Spirit attack speed
-6s Tornado Cooldown
+50 Ice Wall DPS

Invoker 7.05 Solo Queue or Initiator

May 15, 2017


Darnit this will take me FOREVER!

Invoker is like a president he loves saying words when casting because its all chaotic and destructive to help your team win a fight BUT Invoker is SUPER DUPER fragile and can die when his offguard or stupid enough to get off position and get killed by heroes like Slardar, Wraith King, Spirit Breaker, or any heroes with stuns but somehow not silence because his core item is eul's scepter of divinity that's why you need a body guard to easily cast during team fights and to push and win the game early.

Pros / Cons

-10 spells
-A carry, support, nuker, disabler, escape, jungler and initiator hero
-Goes well with any heroes to help in teamfight
-Fast farm and push
-Can heal himself using Quas
- Exort makes him a very powerful hitter
-Laughing is fun when you kill one
-Sunstrike overpowered can kill anyone who is dumb or panicking
- Tornado can dispel any buffs except items
- EMP sucks mana out of mana dependant making teamfight super hard
- Chaos Meteor , Sunstrike and Defending Blast combo
- Ice Wall , Cold Snap , Forge Spirits and Alacrity is a good combo
-Carry Nuker
-Easy to play if you have a good brain

-Injoker players turns his winrate to **** because its hard to play
-Super Fragile and forced to buy durability
-Euls is needed to help him initiate
-SUPER SLOW unless he max Wex
-Easily stopped by killing him again and again
- Blademail makes invoker very weak
-Has no more stats gain from Quas , Wex and Exort when upgrading them
-An easy target if got out of position
-If Invoker died first his team loses chances of winning a teamfight

Skills (spells)

Cold Snap QQQ is a spell used to nuke your enemy while hitting them and stops them from moving if they get hit by any sort of damage except for Orb of Venom . Goes well with Alacrity , Ice Wall , Forge Spirit , Sun Strike , Chaos Meteor and EMP

Ghost Walk QQW is an escape or harass spell for invoker. you are invisible and your slowing nearby enemy heroes and units making them vunurable to ganks and can be also used to spy on the enemy jungler or pusher that are farming or pushing. You can also escape with this spell from any heroes who wants to nuke or burst damage (Physical or Magical) you down.

Does not work to escape with True Sight (Dust Buyers), Stunners, Bloodseeker , Spirit Breaker , Bounty Hunter and Slardar Ultimate and Zeus . You'll end up dying.

Tornado WWQ Invoker's Tornado cleans a teamfight with buffs or if their low hp and have mana you can use Tornado and EMP combo or Chaos Meteor and def blast after you used tornado or Icewall and chaos meteor.

Ice Wall QQE Helps the lane by stopping them from pushing and also a good combination with Eul's. Slows down the enemy and takes small damage from it so they can't Blink Dagger away from it and its easier for Invoker to cast a spell and nuke them for an easy kill.

Can be countered by force staff.

Deafending Blast
Deafending Blast QWE can be used to disarm enemies or push them away from you like a Phantom Assassin or Legion commander or use with your chaos meteor as a combo. works well with all invoker's spell who are close to him and his minions (Forge Spirit) while casting Cold Snap, Alacity or emp or he can use it to nuke or push them over to/back on the spell you used Sun Strike and Ice Wall

Forge Spirit EEQ are Invoker's minions to help you damage your enemies and they have armor reductions when they attack so Invoker can kill them easily with just a few hits.

EMP WWW is used to drain mana from enemies while taking damage and its a powerful spell againts team fight so your team can kill them easily because they don't have enough mana to fight back or escape also does damage and takes half of mana the EMP burns from the enemies.

Alacrity WWE is used as a offensive spell to right click with high dps and speed and can be used on alies also so they can hit HARDER. works well with coldsnap and icewall and/with forge spirits.

Chaos Meteor EEW is used to confuse or nuke your enemies if they should retreat or attack back because this is a very powerful spell if invoker uses defending blast to push them back to the meteor to take damage per seconds or touch.

Sun Strike EEE can be used to nuke enemy heroes with low hp and land a sunstrike on them when they still try to walk straight and if your always playing invoker you'll know how to use this spell as a pro and land it very well like if they stop for a second and move and then you used it again and you killed them.

Skill Brackets and Combos

Use Tornado and EMP to damage and drain mana of opponent enemies.

if wex has more level than quas then use emp first then tornado

you can use your Euls wait for 1 second then cast Sunstrike then Chaos meteor and after that quickly go qwe and cast defending blast and boom easy kill but you can't do this *might not* to a Phantom Assassin, Windranger, Dazzle, Earth Spirit *if its pro*, Magic resistance and forcestaff buyers. if their still alive end it with coldsnap the chaos meteor damage per second effect will trigger it or right click them then escape.

You can also Use Euls for the Cold Snap, Icewall and Forge spirit combo. (invoke icewall then coldsnap and then forge spirit and if you have scepter go for alacity also)

Sunstrike is used on escaping enemies with low hp. watch their every movement and try your luck OR SKILL to sunstrike them and watch them say your a wizard or hacker.

Ghost walk is used to escape or find enemies then slow them so your team can get their fast.

If you have scepter go for tornado first then chaos meteor and def blast.

If your up a cliff and your enemy is down the cliff. use sunstrike, chaos meteor and def blast as quick as possible so they can die or retreat.

Talent Tree

Level 10

+125 HP if you are super fragile againts nukers or desolator users so you can live longer and have a chance to cast a spell that might help you escape a teamfight or kill them when both of you and your enemy has low hp.

+15 damage if you want to right click and use coldsnap, Alacity, Forge Spirit and Icewall or if you lack out of damage which you already have damage with exort but I recommend +15 damage if you want to nuke solo queue.

Level 15

+1 Forge Spirit if you want to initiate more and desolator armor when you right click enemies with some combos I mentioned earlier or if you want to push harder and if you lack out of damage you can use 2 forge spirit to coldsnap, Ice Wall and Alacrity.

+30% EXP gain if you want to gain more quas, wex, exort levels so you can help your team initiate but if you die the enemy team might gain large amount of gold and exp so I recommend +1 Forge Spirit if you want to initiate with your team or going solo because +30 exp gain is used for the sunstrike, chaos meteor and def blast combo so Invoker can nuke more efficiently in mid game.

Level 20

+7 All stats if there's a Slark or Silencer who stole your intelligence or if you lack out of mana because you don't have intelligent items or if you want strength and agility stats.

+35 Attack Speed if you want to attack faster with exort. I recommend this if your againts a right clicker who focused on your team first than you because your so good that they don't want to kill you instead they'll kill your team instead so they can have advantage on you to destroy you so they can push without losing mana from emp, not wait for 3 seconds because of defending blast and get annoyed by tornado, chaos meteor and ice wall.


Linken's Sphere is used againts a Orchid Malevolence, LC duel, stunners like vengful spirit, nukers like nature prophet and bloodseeker and rooters like crystal maiden so you can cast spells without delaying or dying.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity gives you movement of speed, invunurability againts silence or debuffs, Intelligent enough for your spells to cast and mana regen (good againts a bloodseeker who used Rupture on you and wants to silence you.)

Boots of Travel can be used to split push and fast movement speed

Scythe of Vyse is used to disable right clickers and nuke them fast

MKB is damage item good againts an Alchemist Radiance user and Phantom Assassin Blur combined with coldsnap and alacity.

Orchid Malevolence is for silence, damage, intelligence, mana regen and magical damage if they try to escape then they die.

Bloodthorn is for more damage dps

Refresher Orb is for more Invoker combos recommended is chaos meteor and defending blast I don't know if it works after you try to use and invoke sunstrike because I can just push the towers quickly and win a teamfight as invoker without buying a refresher orb.

Hand of Midas is used to farm gold and exp faster so you can have stronger items and stronger spells.

Early Game

You must farm mid as fast as you can and get the items you need to buy Eul's like a Hand of Midas or Phase Boots

Gank and help other lanes if you reach level 7. Invoker cannot roam anymore if he is level 5 or 6 because he lacks out of mana. Make sure your team has initiation spells like a stun or slow or any distraction that may bait them to their death.

Buy an Observer Ward for your middle lane farming.

If its possible gank the mid laner if he/she is caught out of position and pay attention between top and bottom lane if some heroes are missing.

If your an Exort Invoker user make sure your aware of map and try your best to sunstrike.

Mid Game

Help your team win a team fight

Don't let your guard down. Some farmed carry or support will try and kill you so they can win a team fight

Do not AFK initiate team fight as Invoker. There's a chance they will just push with a Black King Bar and you cannot do anything but wait until the duration ends or your base to be destroyed to oblivion.

If your team has a good capturing or baiting spell then your surely will win a team fight and a chance to ks one

Always watch out and buy wards to sunstrike enemies that tries to escape and go back to the fountain and try to notice their every movement. Watch every replay so you know where to sunstrike when their low HP or just pick Invoker when someone picks bloodseeker.

Use Tornado, Ice Wall, Ghost Walk (don't if they dust) or Defending Blast if your entire team dies.

Late Game

Invoker must push or initiate and be alert no delay on your brain (drunked or tilted) and destroy your enemies while helping your alies and push but if your team lost a fight you must survive to defend or nuke them back again if you still have remaining spell if not then retreat.


Invoker is a initiator so that's why its so hard to play him, you must be active and smart to use him but you can practice in unranked or with bots.

Invoker can be a carry, support, nuker, disabler, initator, pusher and jungler but Invoker is very fragile not that durable so be careful around nukers and disablers.

Invoker can roam or use sunstrike to help your alies or kill an enemy.


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