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September 19, 2012 by MatHadder
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Clinkz

Hero Skills


5 12 13 15

Searing Arrows

1 3 7 8

Skeleton Walk

2 4 9 10

Death Pact

6 11 16


14 17 18


September 19, 2012

Chapter Title

Here's some screenshots for those how care to see it in action.


My main focus for these items is to jump into a fight, take out necessary/low champs, then pop back out of the scene until it is safe again. Granted you will need some skill to maneuver around when the enemy team is sporting a "Dust of Appearance" or a "Gem of True Sight", but that's how I like to play ;)

Here's a brief understanding of why i picked these items:
1. Power Treads - Self explanitory. Dont seem to need any of the other boots as the Orchid covers any mana issues, nor do you need health or movement speed because Clinkz ability "Wind Walk" will increase your movement speed and help u escape with invisibility. Boots of travel may be something to invest in late game, but with Wind Walk's movement speed I dont feel like it is too hard to get around.

2. Orchid Malevolence - As said above, it is worth a buy for the mana + mana/regen, also extra attack speed doesn't hurt. Silence can be extremely helpful when coming out of invisibility so as to not interrupt your attack, as well as help your team take out a beefy champ with its increased dmg amplifier.

3. Daedalus - For obvious reasons, having 25% crit chance + 2.5X dmg + "Strafe" ability = tons of dmg in a short time.

4. Mjollnir - I was torn between this item and "Manta Style". Although Manta offers a wide variety of attributes and illusions, I feel like the attack speed and proc options worked better for me; again because of my play style. I find most of the mid/late game fights end up with most of the enemy team close knit, so having dmg spread to 2 more champs will help remove the annoyance of 2-3 champs leaving with inches of health. I have Manta at the end of the list, only because in late games I would rather have Manta instead of Magic Wand.

5. Monkey King Bar - I enjoy this item mainly because you cant always pick your positioning, and may end up shooting from below the cliff/stairs; as well as any other items/abilities they may have in their repertoire. Then you have the massive dmg increase + 100 dmg 35% of the time. Also, mini-stuns may not help you as much, but that brief tenth of a second can help your team catch up for the kill.


So here's some screenshots for those of you who want to see the build in action.


So there you have it. I will post some screenshots of my games with this build when I get some free time. Again, any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks

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