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Insane Sniper

December 12, 2011 by Eliah
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Insane Sniper

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills




2 4 8 10

Take Aim

1 3 5 7


6 11 16


12 13 14 15 17 18

Insane Sniper

December 12, 2011

Laning Early

PLAY SAFE ! Till LvL 6.

Start with x2, x1 and x1

Go mid lane, and dont auto attack. Only last hit and deny. When is lvl 2 (so you are lvl 3), you can begin to harass' your ennemy. But do it carrefully or wait for your lvl 3 (at your lvl 5). If your ennemy is melee hero, it will be more easy.
Learn to last hit. You dont do a lot of damage in early game. Always be at max range, specially against caster heros. Deny as much you can. Learn to it too!

When your goes on, go on and finish to harass' your ennemy as much as you can and when you think it's ok, assassinate him for your first kill.

After that go back to your base, buy boots of speeds, and , and TP on an other lane (top or down). Try to make kills. Thinks to use your for take the kill (practice it before to judge your ultimate DPS).

Go to the river and check the runes. Go back to your lane and farm.

Repeat your harass' and try a second kill, then go back to the base and TP on lane for extra kill.

Mid game

When you have your , you will become insane. More when you finish your . Try to be on most of teamfight.

Be sure to use your for make the last hit on ennemy. ANTICIPATE IT FOR MAKE THE KILL!! Take care of your placement. Dont start the fight, let your team make the engage. Then support your teammate, and be aware for last hit the ennemys. Your cooldown is only 16 secondes. So if you have mana (and if you respect to not upgrade (and dont use) , u will have a ton!) you can start the fight by using on a melee ennemy hero. Dont use it on ranged, because they are often far aways from your normal fight position.

In a fight, if you see that you are focuss : BACK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE OUT OF THE FIGHT. You are more usefull alive! So back when you are focuss, and if the ennemy let you alone, go back to the fight for support your teammate.

When an ennemy is backing (and its safe for you to follow him), you must hit, run, and hit, and run, and hit again, and run again, etc... If you have a very good attack speed just hit and finish him with your when he go back. If its a melee and he come on you, think to use your as well. It have a huge damage (usually more than just normal hits).

Think to active your when fighting.

Think to farm a bit!

Late Game

Do the same that mid game. Use for escape of gang bang on you. Then go back and use for make the kill.

Use first when you have a safe teamfight (for you :p). Then for espace ganking.

At this time of the game, normally, you are insane, and your do all the last it in the fight you are.

If you have all your items, let the kills for your teammate! ;)

Most of the games finish at score : 15/2/15 or things like that.

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