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INCOMING! - A guide to Clockwerk

March 20, 2012 by Thelnternet
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DotA2 Hero: Clockwerk

Hero Skills

Battery Assault

2 8 10 12 13

Power Cogs

4 14 15 16 17

Rocket Flare

1 3 5 7 9


6 11



INCOMING! - A guide to Clockwerk

March 20, 2012


Hello and welcome, to my first guide, featuring:

This is one of my favorite champions due to his capability of taking a beating without flinching, yet put enemies in very sticky situations. While he is very capable of getting kills on his own, he excels at getting assists because of his soft CC. My goal is to help those of you who are interested, to be a better Clockwerk player because of how much I enjoy him.

Pros / Cons

-very durable
-insane range for a melee character
-awesome soft cc for catching enemies AND escaping!

-Very mana hungry early game
-Rather low overall damage
-Easily kited by ranged until aghanim's is completed
-A failed Hookshot is a failed gank (or even escape possibly)


Battery Assault - This ability is one of the most annoying skills to use against enemies who channel spells, or are just plain trying to get away! The ministun provided is most of the use behind it since the rank 5 of it is just slightly more than a basic auto attack from him at level 1. So for all tense and purposes its best to max out a more useful nuke till later on. I will go over that in a second.
Power Cogs - Again! Another soft CC that is equally frustrating to the enemy! Not only is it a pain to be caught in, its also a pain to be caught out if placed properly! Since it only takes one hit to break it for Clockwerk, he can use it to make a wall in the jungle and break free on the other side and he is out of there! Now the drain mana is sweet and all and could be very crippling when dealing with the right enemy but unfortunately again the damage is rather low and there are only a few enemies that would be put out of mana from it. even if it weredrainign he full 100 from rank 5. So that ability also takes a backseat.
Rocket Flare - This ability is the most damaging ability just short of his ulti. Its mana cost is pretty low to so it makes a beautiful harassment tool! even if you aren't even in the lane that needs harass! It's range is unlimited so it makes an awesome spell to launch at mid to keep the push under control when they are out of lane for a second. It can even plug in that last bit of damage to help a team fight that you are just too far away to help out otherwise. And to top it all off, it can finish off that annoying runner that always seems to slip away just at the nick of time! So with that, it is for sure, that this guy si the first skill to max out.

And last but DEFINITELY not least...
Hookshot - This is, in my opinion, one of the nastiest ultimates in the game! With a whopping 3000 range at rank 3, it is one of the longest range skills in the game minus the unlimited range skills! this range allows you to hook from the river almost to mid's inner turret (possibly longer than that!). with a 300 damage hit to follow up with a 2 second stun, this could really turn the tides on a team fight or even gank someone who couldn't even see it coming!

Early game

So by this time, you probably can tell if there will be a person who has alot of harass potential or not. By that I mean, caster harass potential. Storm Spirit is a prime example, but he will likely not be in the bottom or top lane.

If the chances of laning against a similar caster, then you may want to consider building amagic wand. However, if that is not the case then coming by mana early game will be challenging, and lets face it... a mana potion isn't the most effective way to get ahold of mana. In that circumstance, I like to buy a bottle. High healing potential and provides more than enough mana to keep those missiles flying!

NOTE: If you buy a bottle, always remember that the rune spawns every 2 minutes! It is always good teamwork to check the closest rune spot to fill up your bottle if needed, but also so you can point out if the rune spawned on the other side!

The trick to laning early game is very passive agressive. Launch missiles on enemies who would dislike the damage the most, even if it is in a completely different lane.

i.e. If I'm bottom and my lane isn't being pushed too hard yetPuck is poking atLina but can't seem to do much because of his "phase out"... I would fire a missile and alert Lina of the incoming shot to pop his phase... And thus, I have set Lina up to combo up her skills... The best part is, no one even needed to leave the lane!

Now I have done a bit of research myself and I see alot of people suggestingPhase Boots. Personally, I disagree with this choice and getArcane Boots instead.

... Why?

Because early on the mana provided is enough for 5more missiles to spam with, the ability to give yourself and others mana is an asset very underrated and needed at the same time, and it also allows you (if using the bots regularly) spamming your skills almost endlessly without lack thereof until you finish off yourAghanim's Scepter.

Mid game

By now, you are going to probably feel rather low on total HP. Go ahead and finish off twoBracers and then begin to rush yourAghanim's. Now Aghanim's is much more crucial than you may think! this is due to a dual use of the ulti, PLUS the fact the the cooldown becomes 15 seconds across the board!

By the time you finish your Aghanim's, you will be around level 13-16 and we will be entering end game...

End game

At this point, you will have your base core build being:

And even possibly, have that done a while back! this is where the situational items come in play. This is the time you want to ask yourself...

"What is the most difficult mechanic our team is dealing with?"

...Is it that annoying Anti-mage popping in from nowhere, killing your nuker then bee-lining it outta there?...

...Is it that stupid Zues and his ultimate?...

...Is it that Bloodseeker who is just shredding the team up without a second glance?...

There are a number of answers item wise I can think of off the top of my head and I'm sure everyone has ideas of their own. This is the point you want to go buck wild!

To answer those questions as examples, I have a few answers that could potentially solve those issues...

...APipe of Insight to protect the mages form the magic damage his mana drain he can unload... followed by an ulti, power cogs and battery assault and then start wailing on him with a basher. If he doesn't try and blink out of there he is a moron and will die almost instantaneously to the nukers... Which means he no longer has a blink to get away frm the fight!

... Simple fix there... Stack on up on aPipe of Insight and his ulti is practically useless!

...More likely than not, he is going to use his bloodrage on himself at this point in the game so no worries of being silenced...Blademail +Heart of Tarrasque with a lovely battery assault and power cogs and he is finished.

And that is about it...

I hope this guide has shared some light on how you can better yourself as a Clockwerk player, now get out there and wreak some havock!

Since this is my first guide... PLEASE feel free to put in constructive feedback! I would love to hear ways to improve the guide =]

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