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In life steal, there is success

December 4, 2012 by NinjaDox
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DotA2 Hero: Huskar

Purchase Order


Helm of the Dominator
Power Treads

Late game

Power Treads


Aghanim's Scepter
Sange and Yasha
Heart of Tarrasque
Assault Cuirass


Black King Bar
Gem of True Sight

Hero Skills

Inner Fire

2 4 8 9

Burning Spear

Berserker's Blood

1 3 5 7

Life Break

6 11 16


10 12 13 14 15 17 18

In life steal, there is success

December 4, 2012


This build has gotten me far with Huskar, but I know what you are thinking. "Why don't you use the Burning Spear!?" My answer is simply, it is not needed. With this build, you focus on life-steal and with the burning spear, the life-steal is useless and wont work with it on. Therefore Burning Spear is useless and unneeded. Also when using this build, you have to understand that sacrificing Burning Spear will cause you to not gain early game dominance however this will be made up later as you gain end-game dominance.


At first glance, there is no starting items and that is correct. When first getting in the game, you want to immediately go mid while getting Berserker's Blood. Once the game starts you will have to stay slightly back and just farm until you have enough to get a Morbid Mask and from there you continue farming and denying until you get your ultimate. Once that is achieved (without death) you can start your ganking. Keep doing whatever it is needed and then you want to get a Crystalys. this will allow for much easier and faster kills for pushing and ganking. The power treads and the upgraded morbid mask (Helm of the Dominator) will also allow for easier ganks as you can catch and kill the enemy.

After those you will immediately want to get your satanic as this will allow for almost invincibility if played right because when you are low health you attack faster and using the satanic active ability, you can let your Berserker's Blood gain you all your health back to full.

By now the game should be close to over and any leftover money should go to a few things, which is your choice. The heart of Terrasque is always a good choice especially if you die more than you want. If you want more ganks, you may want to go for the Aghanim's Scepter. These are left for you to decide what is needed and I wont go into more detail about those items.


Alright, I have mentioned this, but once again you will not want to get the spears as it will pretty much **** this build and instead focus on life steal. The first skill you want to get is Berserker's Blood and then Inner Vitality. Keep alternating these as they will keep you alive until you get your ultimate which, once gotten, can be used to start ganking.


Overall, Huskar is a very powerful hero and can be amazing if played right. I have shown ya'll my favorite why of playing which does not use the average belief of using burning spears. Using life steal instead of the burning spears will keep you alive and allow for end-game dominance instead of early game, however don't take this for "Using this build, I cant gank early" because you can and should or he wont be effective.

I wish you good luck on your journey of DOTA 2.

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