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immortal DOOM

March 18, 2013 by alphamao
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DotA2 Hero: Doom

Hero Skills



Scorched Earth

2 7 10 12

Infernal Blade

4 5 8 9




3 11 13 14 15 16 17 18

immortal DOOM

March 18, 2013

Chapter Title

yo sup doom fans. my in name game is jaximus and i bloody love doom to bits. My build at first may seem questionable but hopefully after reading this, most questions will be answered.

Before i start validating my reasons for the slight differences in my build, i must stress the first issue at hand. CONSUME ALPHA WOLF MINION. this bloody op minion has the best dps abilities and if consumed lvl 1, it pretty much guarantees an early kill. its two abilities are critical strike and pack leaders aura. critical strike gives the user a 20% critical strike chance and 200% critical strike damage. pack leaders aura gives you and nearby allies 30% damage increase in a 900 radius.............. overpowerd much.

why urn?
- i believe urn is very underestimated, I never really used urn until recently. it guarantees sustain, especially when combined with ring of basilius. with this combo you'd be able to pop your W all the time and chase down enemies with bonus movement speed as well. For me though, urn seems to shine most in teamfights. You can heal your allies wen they pull back or kill off retreating enemies. I love urn the most when combining with doom's ult.

why get stat lvl 3?
- simple reason. just means i cant use my W one more time after using it twice already.

why trade urn away?
- even though urn is amazing early and towards mid games, urn however i found that it starts to become a useless item. the damage becomes unnoticeable. so i decide to go with either halberd or radiance.

why get halberd?
- halberd is a great item. when put on doom with the combination of items already obtained he becomes impossible to kill. well not impossible, but a very long time to kill, giving your team and yourself a chance to kill THEM ALL. halberd's ability if you haven't already read it, disables a hero for 4 seconds (i think it has changed in latest patch). therefore goodbye all melee caries. 4 seconds is plenty of time for a team fight to almost finish.

Pros / Cons

- good sustain
- good chaser
- high str early on
- low attack speed
- large hero (becomes focused)
- long cooldowns

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