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January 22, 2020 by Sarge5645
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DotA2 Hero: Phantom Lancer

Hero Skills

Spirit Lance

1 5



Phantom Rush

2 4




Hero Talents

+24% Critical Strike (2x)
-4s Doppelganger CD
+10% Juxtapose Illusion Damage
+300 Phantom Rush Range
-2s Spirit Lance Cooldown
+16% Evasion
+2.5s Phantom Rush Bonus Agi Duration
+50 Spirit Lance Damage


January 22, 2020

Chapter Title

A guide to "One Man Army":


To be a warrior in the battlefield, you either should have a big army or one man who is equal to an army. Phantom Lancer is a "One Man Army".
Phantom Lancer is a melee agility hero, who gets stronger with high number of his clones. The main thing that stands out for Phantom Lancer is his ability to create illusions of himself and cripple down the enemy team by more PL's that they can bear.
PL can send his illusions through a magical orb with the help of his first ability "Spirit Lance".
Apart from illusions, Phantom Lancer also excels in dodging many spells with the help of his second ability "Doppleganger". Although PL starts off slow, but excels as the game progresses, as he is one of the best late game carries in Dota-2.


> Start the game with 2 Tangos and Healing Salve along with Ironwood Tree, to make magic wand later.
> Go for Power Treads and after them, start farming for Diffusal Blade as soon as you hit lvl 6.
> Once Diffusal Blade is completed, go for Manta Style for dispelling debuffs and creating more illusions from your illusions.
> After having these 2 core items, start building Skull Basher, if your team has a strength hero or a HOT carrier, or else go for HOT (Heart of Tarrasque).
> After getting all the above items, it is better for a skull basher, or BKB, because mostly the enemy team will have magical damage heroes.
> If the game goes ultra late, go for items such as butterfly to increase your attack speed and dodge physical attacks.

Pros / Cons

Phantom Lancer is an agility hero who excels in later stages of the game. Although he is pretty strong to handle, there are enough cons to keep him and his army quiet.
Pros: -
> Can create a high number of duplicates.
> Single Point Target abilities or ulties are mostly ineffective as the enemy has a hard time finding the real PL.
> Can dodge many projectiles or spells with doppleganger.
> Can split push with Manta Style.
> Building his core item "Diffusal Blade" allows his illusins to mana burn his opponents.
> Not entirely farm dependant except for Diffusal Blade

Cons: -
> Vulnerable without ulti.
> Low mana pool.
> Prone to disables.
> Relies on Diffusal Blade for ganks and kills.

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