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If light cannot escape me what hope have you

February 22, 2015 by keRci
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How to play pub Enigma

DotA2 Hero: Enigma

Hero Skills


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Demonic Summoning


Midnight Pulse

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Black Hole



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If light cannot escape me what hope have you

February 22, 2015

Early Game

Hi guys. This is my guide on how to play pub Enigma, since Enigma is highly team dependat hero and does not have much sucsess in pub games. It also requires some bigger skill on enigma because in most of the times u will be setting up fights and initiate, and in most cases u can't rely on your teammates. So lets get started. First if u start as position 4 just let other support buy all team items(curier, wards) and u grab sage's maskand recepiefor soul ring along with couple of clarities. If u can grab rune or just secure it for your mid teamm8. Once neutral creeps spawns u can go hard camp, but it is recommended to go mid camp so your eidolons are likley to survive and u get six of them which than help u clear hard camp faster, but it all dependes what did spawned at hard camp. Centaurs and Ursas and even Satry u can take without losing eidolon but u will need to micro some creeps. Just keep farming in woods and get soul ringso you can farm more efficiently and when u have gold buy blink dagger

Out of wood

Now when u got your blink you should start ganking on lane which has most trouble. And you should also be lvl 7, and that means that you have lvl 4 midnight pulse. Midnight pulse is strong tool both in early and late game because it deals damage by percentage of hp so if you use midnight puls before casting blach hole you are bound to deal tons od damage. One thing you have to be carefull of, always aim for disabbler beceause most of heroes can't nuke u fast at that stage of the game or ones with the powerfull nukes have to get real close to you and they can easly find themselves being victoms of midnight pulse. So you doing majority of work your blasted teamm8s can just clean them up. So when your Black hole is on cd just go farm your next item in woods.

Mid Game

In mid game enigma shines the most. Well he does not shine since enigma hates light but.. okay whatever. In mid game when both teams struggle to take lead and try to push and finish the game as soon as they can, you will find yourself in lots of opportunities. Maybe 5 man push for tower or try to take roshan or smoke ganks... this is your time to strike. Punish them for over aggression or sneaky roshan kill, or best of them all, destroy them when they smoke up in your jungle(wood) and teach them a lession or two. Enigma is excelent counter-engagment hero. Just when they try to gank your carry or midder go in on them surprise them with your cuningness and slap them in the face. They won't come near your side of the river again... True story.

Big decision

Well now u need to decide which item will be your first core item. Should it be BKB or refresher. Well it dependes on what heroes you play against and how confident of your skills are you. For more skillfull players i recommend refresher. Why? Often asked question, why so soon. Firstly u can because u don't scale your ultimate because it cost more mana but same duration. Damage is not worth it. Also u will add points which gives u more mana thus u can use 2 black holes instead of only one. One thing also with refresher u can have black hole almost always ready because if u only needed one bh at the moment just use refresher cd on refresher is smaller than on black hole. This get your opponent under pressure of constat fear of black hole. One black hole can win whole game. Although powerfull refresher is not always a fist pickup. If u play against some big range disrupt spells, or even global it is recommanded to buy Black King Bar. If u play against disruptor or silencer or drow or smthing like that, you should defenetly go for BKB first.

Late Game

Late game for Enigma is in my oppinion hardest to play. Both your mayor spells pierces through magic immunity and gives lots of damage even to very tanky units. Problem is your state of mind. In most of the scenarios it is all on your back now. U probably need that one perfect black hole to win the game. If u have been sucsessfull in your earlier stages of the game, your opponent won't be surprised anymore by your build or your playstyle which makes a lot harder to get that one black hole. My advice is: always get the carry. Even if it is only a carry(and by the carry i mean most threathening enemy player, does not have to be carry role) in your bh it is worth it. Loong respawn will put your team ahead. So to kill that carry u will probably need Agahanim's Scepterwhich gives you even more damage that can pierce through spell immunity. Schyte of Vyseis also good item to disable and take down enemy carry. Well this is my fist guide so i hope it is helpfull. If u can give me some advice how to improve I will take them gladly

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