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Idiot Edition For Mid Huskar

July 9, 2013 by Idiot
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Idiot Edition For Mid Huskar

DotA2 Hero: Huskar

Purchase Order


Get them by the correct order

Core Items

Extra money stuff

Allways have until Ageis!!!!!

Hero Skills

Inner Fire

2 4 8 9

Burning Spear

Berserker's Blood

1 3 5 7

Life Break

6 11 16


10 12 13 14 15 17 18

Idiot Edition For Mid Huskar

July 9, 2013


In the start you need to be defensive but still harrs once in a while...
Dont be so afrid for being harrsed because you only get stronger when youre being attack.. thats why try to get the attack speed first
Try blocking the creeps as much as you can because you dont want to be 1 vs 1 with the tower.

After getting to level 6 start let the enemy push his creeps to your stairs and then when he will be a bit far from his tower you strike and attack him hard as you can

After this you can go jungle close to the lane so if he's attacking the tower you can go and suprise him from the side

*Dont forget to take runes! Almost every rune makes Huskar unstoppable!*
*Dont forget to help your teammates in fight everytime theyre in trouble!*

After you passed level 6 and gain money and EXP in jungle this is the time to push!
you need to destroy as much towers as you can to get money!
*WATCH OUT FROM MID LANE PUSHING! Enemys can gank you at any moment! when you want to push hard middle allways take with you atleast 2 heros!*

At level 16 You can dominate any enemy hero who dont have the ability to stun you with an instant!
So when you know the enemy team got a stunning unit on theyre side take with you some support...

After you pushed the towers you can relax and go roshan solo...
After you beat roshan and got the Divine you are ready to end the match! Take all of your team for a rush thru every lane of the enemy base and take down the enemy barracks!
Once you have all the barracks the game is over and you won!


Those are my Fav. items to play with...
The Start items:
-Those items will make you equal to all other heros - THIS DOESNT MEAN YOU CAN START OFFENCE!
-There's only tango because you will you only this by level 3 and after level 3 start using Q ability
-*Buy courier only if there isnt! BUT DONT LET IT HAPPEND THAT THERE ISNT COURIER!*
Early game items:
-Dont forget the order!
-Attack speed on the begining is pretty important because of the Berserker's Blood so it can make a change when you being attack
-The Lifesteal is the core of all Huskar power in this guide
Core items:
-First item - Power... This is the thing that was missing all long the guide
-Second item - Attack speed... This is for being a killing machine! You have Medium power And an amazing Attack speed and when youre being attack *BOOM* Instant kill Even if youre being nuked you just doubled you amazing attack speed so now every attack gains health so you just cant die
-Third item - Health... You want to gain max Attack speed precent from Berserker's Blood but still have enough HP to survive if you get stunned
-Fourth item - Extra lifesteal... This is the extantion of the second item explnation... Once you get attacked and there's too many heros for you to stay in a stable amout of HP you now have 25%! And even after you have the 25% and youre still cant stay in adventage you just Enable the Item and *BOOM* Youre unstoppable
Extra money items:
-Armor - If you get stunned so you wont die from the enemy attacks while the stun... A little armor a huge change
-By now you should dominate Roshan by your own and leave with the Ageis to the enemy base!
-Extreme Damage - ALLWAYS HAVE THIS WHEN YOU GOT AGEIS! If it falls to the wrong hands the game can lead to defet... Try to be with teammate when you have this so you wont get stun and ganked

I planned the item bulid the allways have 1 slot open for the TP! you will need TP almost all game long! dont forget to buy this
*After the core items you dont have to buy TP anymore because there's about 10% that your towers are still alive so you can teleport to them... That's why in the Extra money items I completed the empty slot with Ageis*


I've chose this skill bulid special because its makes the strongest in the lowest levels as possible!
I'll explain the bulid by the skills
Inner Vitality:
-You max this second because you need to heal after every time you use your ultimate (Because you get alot of HP lose and there's the enemy damage you are dealing with so you will have below 40% HP so this is when the Skill is very helpful! it heals you the most when you have low hp... Very useful in the lower levels but still make a very good healing skill in the later levels

Burning Spear:
-I've chose not to level it up... This is a complete waste of a very important skill points! You need the points much more for the Stats!
This will make you stronger at the early levels of the game!

Berserker's blood:
-You need to max it as fast as you can!!!
This will make you the unstopable beast that Huskar is!

Life break:
-There's nothing to explain here... The Ultimate skill for the Ultimate Hero!
You need to max it as quick as possible

-Way more important than Burning spear.... More everything! INT - Important for Healing ability
AGI - Important for attack speed(!!!) and Armor
STR - Important for Damage and Health

This was my guide...
Usally I get good scores with this bulid...
You can think what ever you want I'll still use it... I just hope to help pepole who doesnt like the other guides that make you weaker in the higher levels (16+)

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