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I don't need no stinking team

November 21, 2012 by thekappen
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Dark Seer

Hero Skills


7 8 9 10

Ion Shell

1 3 5 13


2 4 12 14

Wall of Replica

6 11 16


15 17 18

I don't need no stinking team

November 21, 2012

Basic plan yo.

This is a jungle, then a mid-game carry-ganker build. This build is optimal for a team composition where they have lots of squishes. You usually want to stay in the jungle and stack/farm until about level 6-7 (usually about 4:30 to 6 minutes) then you can start ganking hard on almost any lane. Depending on how close to vanguard you can dive. The majority of all damage comes from ion shell and chasing. This early the ult is a last resort. Typically there are few characters who can counter this early enough; Int supports are the easiest to feed on (aa and cm come easy to mind).

Mid game however is when he becomes the big pub-stomper. With a veil + perseverance, even group ganks become obviously simple, ult and then Q them in, then ion shell yourself and chase down the stragglers. Depending on their skill and your level adv (I'm typically 3 - 5 levels ahead of everyone) you can start trying for the 5v1 quest. You can alt for a bkb instead of linkens (but can't chase as much with it tho). Radiance is also a decent sub if the money is esp good. This build owns pub games when your team isn't feeding, but typically is a strong support as well. Even if they have heavy strength carries (lifestealer is always bad when farmed) you can more than pull your weight.

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