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I don't give a Puck, The Flying Ball of Doom. [DPS]

November 23, 2011 by Geur
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I don't give a Puck, The Flying Ball of Doom. [DPS]

DotA2 Hero: Puck

Hero Skills

Puckish (Innate)

Illusory Orb

1 3

Waning Rift

2 5

Phase Shift


Dream Coil



I don't give a Puck, The Flying Ball of Doom. [DPS]

November 23, 2011


(Not my art, couldn't find a source, if anyone knows let me know thanks :))

This but this is my first DotA guide, so bare with me. I haven't played DotA for long but I have many Veteran friends who have helped me a long the way to learn and play heroes the way they should be played. These are my thoughts and ideas on the experienced I have had with heroes currently in DotA2 Beta.

This guide is for Puck, The Faerie Dragon, and focuses on outputting a lot of damage to change the tide of battle. Its a work in progress and I will be tweaking it a long the way so it will be bare at first. Don't downvote unless you have tried it and leave a comment on why or what you would think could improve on it.

Hero Introduction / Skills

The Faerie Dragon is a very strong intelligence hero who can output a lot of damage. People don't expect this by the way he looks and feels during play but trust me, he could be a late game carry and turn the tide of battles easily. Early game Intelligence, Late game Strength/Agility.

- A magic orb floats in a straight path, damaging everything along the way. At any point, Puck may teleport to the orb's location using Ethereal Jaunt.

Thoughts: This is pucks bread and butter. This makes puck jump into the middle of a fight, or run away from one. It also is a great source of damage, and later when not as mana dependent a great way to farm creep waves fast.

- A burst of faerie dust that deals damage and silences the units around Puck.

Thoughts: A great way to avoid death and initiation to a teamfight. If the enemy is crowded together and your team is ready to go this is a good way to begin a fight, by silencing everyone in your AoE.

- Briefly shifts Puck into another dimension where she is immune from harm.

Thoughts: I wouldn't say puck was a tank at all, but he is definitely an initiator with this, it really confuses the enemy when they are all targeting you and then you suddenly disappear. Also, this works with your Q to easily get away from dying.

- Creates a coil of volatile magic that latches onto enemy units and damages them. If the enemy unit stretches the coil by moving too far away, it snaps, dealing additional damage and stunning. UPGRADABLE: Increases damage from coil breaks, and increases mana cost.

Thoughts: Another great way to initiate and stun everyone who thinks they can run away from you if properly placed.

Skill Sequencing / Tricks

Q > D > W > R > Q > E > D

Q to orb into battle while doing damage.
D which teleports you to your orb.
W to immediately silence in an AoE around you.
R to coil the enemy targets.
Q to try and do more damage through enemies and start your escape.
E to disappear from battle.
D to teleport out of the battle but don't go to far so you can auto attack.

Phase Escape

An easy trick with puck to escape while not being attacked or stunned is the Phase Escape. If you need to get away use your orb(Q) in the direction needed then immediately use your phase shift(E) to disappear, then when your orb is a good distance away and timed right then teleport out. This should save your life many times in a game and is a very important trick to learn with Puck.



These items are the recommended for a reason, there isn't much to say about them.

- Quick Health Regen
- Health Regen in Lane Phase
- Mana Regen
- Lane Phase Boost
x2 - Early Game Damage

Early Game

Early game bracers start adding really scary right click damage output. This is what will make people afraid to get close to your range.

- For Movement Speed...
x2 - For the extra little bit of survivability, damage output, and slight extra mana, since they are cheap and build up from your gauntlets, always grab these.


Power Treads and Bottle are the only listed core items because the game has started to go in favor of either side by now, and luxury items are starting to get prepared. I use power treads for the extra damage instead of Phase Boots which so many people use with Puck and will argue they are better. This is a DPS build and I love having the extra auto attack damage and health that I get from running the Power Treads on Strength. Bottle is mainly used for rune capture by now.

- Run them on Strength for extra HP and Damage.
- Bottle is great for a little extra regen and rune capture of course, its not that expensive and a great item for puck.


Late game here comes the damage. Build Oblivion Staffs and start getting rid of your early game items. Work your way into getting an Orchid Malovence. This item gives you everything you need for puck late game. Then later if the game is not over, you have enough damage so go survivability with Sphere and Heart, but I doubt it will go this long, unless your farm is insane.

- Built from Oblivion staff, gives you INT, Damage, Attack Speed, Manage Regen, and a beast active.
- Boosts your complete output and gives you great regen.
- Makes you very strong and hard to kill.

Game Sequences

Early Game/Lane Phase

Puck early game focuses on of course farming and denying pretty hard. This guide is focused on DPS so its dependent on farming although the luxury items are not very expensive (compared to some) and come in parts so you can still do well dps if you get denied to hard.
I try and play this guide mid because puck is an easy gank initiator and can help top and bot a lot, often. Also, in lane, HARASS a lot with your right click. This will keep enemies afraid of you after they know that your going to harass them so much.

Mid Game

Mid game you should focus on ganking, runes, and sticking with teammates around the map. Puck is great because an enemy will not know you there when your teammate stuns, and then suddenly the floating ball of doom flies in and silences them. Then when they try and run the coil attaches itself to them and stuns almost always guaranteeing a kill.

Late Game

You are a late game carry and pretty tough to drop easily. Hopefully by now their towers are down and you can fly in and initiate battles almost anywhere on the map. Your main source of damage is now your right click, after you initiate with your Q. So drop all of your skills fast so you can auto attack the hell out of them.


I hope this guide helps some with your Puck experience and gives you a little introduction on how to play this great intelligence hero. Thanks for reading and goodluck.I leave you with this video of puck destroying during The International in the SGC vs Virus game.

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