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April 23, 2013 by thisisfresh
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Line gyro

DotA2 Hero: Gyrocopter

Hero Skills

Rocket Barrage

1 3 5 7

Homing Missile


Flak Cannon

4 8 9 10

Call Down

6 11 16


12 13 14 15 17 18


Gyro one of the most strong heroes during all game.

But it'll be hard to plaing vs:

LifestealerJuggernautNyx AssassinWeaverOmniknightBounty Hunter

Don't forgot to ask someome to choise one of them:

Your friends - all heroes with stun/slow


Laning mid, it is important to use the Homing Missile and Flak Cannon to zone out your opponent. Use Flak Cannon to push lanes when you leave lane to grab runes.

When placed mid I like to focus on movespeed, the Drum of Endurance, Yasha and Phase Boots make you fast as hell, and Shadow Blade can make you even scarier. This helps you gank lanes, as your Homing Missile and Call Down set up easy ganks and melt lanes. Flak Cannon also allows you to push lanes after heroes die to take some easy towers.

If played well you can basically win games alone, because a fed gyro can get in and out very quickly.


Gyro has very big veriaty of itembuilds. for each situation you have to think about items and your playstyle(ganger or farmer).
Bad items for gyro:
Eye of Scadi - big price and usefull effect in teamfight when Gyro has 3 mass skills.
Aghanim - realy cool item for farming or help teammates from other lanes.
Mjolnir - big price but very good attack speed.
Manta Style - one of the best items for gyro (speed+attack speed+clones+hp and other pluses)
Divine Rapier - way to win:)
Satanic - another one of the best items for gyro because it's give enought hitpoints and huge vamp with Flack Cannon

Team Work

Very good with:
Dark Seer

Pros / Cons


Good at turning fights around
Low CD AoE ult nuke
Rocket Barrage is OP
Kills almost any hero if they're alone
Says funny stuff sometimes
He's an old man
His homing missle makes a funny noise
Super fun
Good way to punish DROW PICKERS earlygame
Can outcarry Phantom Lancer if played correctly


Needs a pretty good start
Squishy until Helm of the Dominator
Fairly easy to counter
Unreliable stun
Mana problems :(
No escape skills
Makes a buzzing noise all the time

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