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Husker the Mid King

March 24, 2013 by Amon
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Mid KIng

DotA2 Hero: Huskar

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Husker the Mid King

March 24, 2013


Husker is a very fun and easy to play Hero. He is without doubt one of the best Mid heroes if not the very best (my opinion back off). While I'm still fairly new to MOBA games and Dota 2 especially, I have had huge success with Husker vs experienced & well organised teams. I'm posting this guide because, one I'm looking for feedback from more experienced players and two share my success.

By no means this is the ultimate Husker guide, but it is a good start for new players and maybe a different look at Husker for experienced players.

Note: English is my 3rd language so please notify me of any grammar/spelling errors.

Before the game starts.

Before the game starts, I find it very useful to tell your team mates that you are playing Husker mid, wither they are random or your friends over Team Speak 3. Husker can do lanes but he is much more effective at mid and personally I think there are better Heroes for lane. In another word if my team mates won't let me be Mid Hero I wouldn't play Husker and instead choose a better lane hero.

If all goes well, you also need to note who your team mates are picking vs what the other team are picking. You can't have the entire team made of carry or support. A well balanced team is the key to win. If they are nubs tell them one tank and one support per lane, one ranged and one melee :).

Early Game

Once your team breaks in pairs rush to your mid first tier tower. Now this is the most crucial part of this guide and the entire game for you if you are following this guide. You need to rush to level 6 before the other team mid hero! I can't stress enough how important this is. However, there is another problem, before level 6 you are weak! In most cases the other team Mid hero got the advantage on you until you reach level 6.

In my opinion this is how you should handle level 1-5:

1- Your Tower is your mum and you must be close to her.
2- Don't stand on the water, always be on your side.
3- You must get as many last hits as you can and you must deny as much as possible to gain the level advantage vs the other team mid hero.
4- You health must never be 40% or lower!
5- You must rush Morbid Mask.
6- By level 6 you must be 65%+ health and already have Morbid Mask.

Now, if all goes as planned, you should be level 6 and the other mid hero lvl 5 or just reached 6. let the other team push you a bit and once they are in the water you will use Life Break on them! Congrats on your first kill. From now own it is a ganking feast.

You should be level 7-8 after you killed the other team mid hero, check your mini map and see which of your lanes is being pushed. If for example your bot lane is beings pushed tell your bot team mates you are on your way for a gank and they should be near their tower. Flank the other team using the woods and leap like mother******* using life break on a ranged target. Here you need to make a decision if it is worth running after the other team hero. If they are smart they should have already ran away to their tower and you should not try to kill near their tower.

By now the other team mid hero is back to mid and attacking your mid tower. Ruch back and if they are standing on the water use Life Break on them but don't try it if they run away to their tower before you leap on them. If you managed a kill then go for a gank on top or bottom depending on which lane is being pushed. If you did not kill the mid hero for a second time then stay mid until you do! Just don't get too greedy and watch for the other team possible mid gank.

Mid Game

For you mid game starts when you have your Helm of the Dominator @ lvl 9 or 10, possibly earlier if you got few good kills. I usually have both Helm of the Dominator and Power Treads at level 10. After those two items you should be the strongest Hero in both teams for the Mid game. Gank as much as possible but without being greedy or taking risks. At mid game you want to hurry up and complete Black King Bar (BKB)without feeding the other team. You also need to kill mid tire 1 tower and make sure the other team mid hero is being kept in check. Husker becomes a devastating force and will win the match early on if you play him right. Many times I have seen the other team quit the game because of Husker being well fed and ganking left and right.

After you complete BKB, your team should be already grouped up and ready to push mid. It usually happens before you get BKB but either way complete your core items and you will be loved by your team.

BKB is very powerful with lots of heroes but with Husker it will give you a great advantage Vs the other team support. pop it and then leap at the other team support like an eagle.

End Game

End game is definitely mostly team fights. You should be lvl 21+ easily at late/end game. You should also have already got one if the end game items, I usually go for the Satanic.

Don't start the fight yourself. Smart teams will aim to kill you first, let your team mates stun first and then join the fight. Always remember to BKB before you use Life Break on the other team. If they manage to stun you they will most likely kill you since Life Break is a double edge sword.

One last note: Against good teams and balanced fights you may want to always have Town Portal Scroll (TPS). This is because sometimes while you push with your team one of your lanes or worse your mid base is getting ricked by a rough player or two. Husker can easily win 1vs1 fights and even 2vs1 is no problem if do it right. Husker after all get stronger the less health he got.

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