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Hunting with style

July 7, 2015 by bhuvnesh
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DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

2 4 5 7


3 8 10 12

Shadow Walk

1 9 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Hunting with style

July 7, 2015


Guys, let me tell you clearly that Bounty Hunter is not a Carry. His role is Semi-carry, Semi-support or Off-lane. His abilties are so flowless that he can kill any solo heroes, but not a crowd of heroes so he is a semi-carry and at the same time his support is not too strong as he cannot save his teammates all the times but can help them by buying support items so he is semi-support. He is the best off lane hero who can roam all around the map without getting caught and still get xp as fast as other heroes and suprise his enemies by going in their neutral camp or in their lane.


Early game :

1.pick tangoes.
2.go stout sheild and orb of venom, later upgrade it to poor man's sheild.
3.pick boots of speed bottle if frquentlty getting ganked or spamming abilties.
5.should get a clarity before bottle if persistant.
6.should buy sentry ward or either by a teammate and always check detection on enemies, if forget to check then you would surely get squished and feeded.
7.upgrade boots to phase boots
8.always carry town portal scroll.

Mid game :

1.people often go desolator and it is really helpful, it increases your output damage plus decreases enmies armor by -7 and it is reallu good if you get it as fast as you can because in early stage within 20-25 mins enemies don't have much armor.
2.there is nothing wrong in buying dagon, bounty hunter can easily get gold by tracking heroes and get surplus gold for himself and teammates when a tracked enemy dies. Dagon works really fine for him. can buy yasha for increasing your agilty and also your movement speed which synergies well with the movement speed gained by tracking enemies.
4.higly recommended to take a town portal scroll with you always.

Surviving issues :

bounty hunter is an easy escapable hero but is not at all a tanky hero and can be easily squished so he is not a durable
1.blink dagger is must when getting frequently ganked. It can be used for initiating or either escaping
2.drum of endurance can make a difference as it increases your attributes as well as movement speed and can be used for catching enemies or especially when escaping, both for you and your teammates.
3.urn of shadows and mekansm are useful throughout the game, so they are really good choices.
4.glimmer's cape is helpful when you are faced by high magical damage enemies, as it decreases damage by 66%
and plus it makes you invisble for 5 seconds which can be used when your shadow walk is off cooldown. It can also be used for saving your teammates.
5.When your team have inefficient carry then you can go vanguard and can bexome tanky to some extent. It can always be upgraded to crimson guard and can become a porential carry.
6.sange can always be bought to increase your strength. It can be upgraded to sange and yasha and also as disarm(heaven's halberd).
7.force staff is good, it can solve some mana problem plua can make u in or out of ganking.

Situational items : king bar needs no explaination. It can be bought any time of the game.
2.linken's sphere is very nice to avoid point target skills from enemies.
3.orchid malevolence for silencing enemies and solving mana issues.
4.skull basher and later abyssal blade for stunning target.
5.Vladmeee's offering is mainly for lifesteal and Aoe aura for team which give many bonus attributes.
6.heaven's halberd for disarming high damge output heroes.
7.battlefury is not recommended for bounty hunter but can always be bought to clear creeps waves and incrase hp and mana regen.
8.gem of true sight is effective for him as he can easily carry gem and escape without much difficulties. It can alwaya bw used ro deward enemies obsever ward and sentry ward and also reveal hidden heroes.
9.if enemy is having high armor then medallion of courage is very important. You can reduce enmies armor and at the same time yours too so be careful about it. You can always upgrade it to solar crest.
10.Necronomicon is highly situational item.
11.keep town portal scroll.

Late game : this time you should get monkey king bar for sure.
2.eye of skadi solves all of your problems. It increase all of your attributes plus now you are a real tanky hero who can dive in gank very effectively.
3.assault curias is used to boost armor and attack speed of you and your team as well as degrade enemies armor.
4.butterfly is used to get 35% evasion plus 25 agility. When casted it increases your movement speed.
5.manta style can be bought, it is not highly recommended but it has many advantages like when you are silenced you can use it to break silence plus when got suprised attack it can be used to confuse enemies and you can escape easily. You can always use your illusions to push towers and creep waves.
6.if you have teleport or push towers and creep wave frequently then buy boots of travel and replace it with phase boots.

Luxury :

1.divine rapier is strongly recommended when you have a lot of experience playing with bounty hunter he can always keep safe with him but has to take utmost care because enemies will surely pick and gank you first but if you are an experienced player you will not drop it. You can even lose the game when you seem to win the game.
2.ethereal blade increasew your output damage by 2x. It works best with dagon.
you can always use combos for it.
3.satanic is for getting lifesteal and increase your strength. It can always turn the game. It can always save you when you are ganked.
4.upgrade of boots of travel can be bought only when you have reliable gold for buyback.


Shuriken toss should be maxed by level 7 because it is your only range nuke skill. It's damage is 375 so there should be no hesitation

Jinada should be the second skill that should be maxed after Shuriken toss.Jinada can give 225% critical of your can not be dodged by enemy

Shadow walk is his escape skill plus when it is breaked with an attack it gives bonus 120 damage. It is recommended to get two points in shadow walk before you hit level 10. Please note that the bonus 120 damage does not stack with jinada so you can use it when jinada is off cooldown of 6 seconds. To get 120 damage first use jinada on enemy then when it is on cooldown use your shadow walk and break the invisibility with your attack and you can get the bonus 120 damage on your current damage

Track is one of the best ultimate which provides true vision over enemy.
It gives bounty hunter and his teammates to gain surplus gold on killing enemy. So bounty hunter can never have a problem if getting gold but can have problem when you forget to track an enemy or you and your teammates fail to kill enemy. When multiple enemies arw tracked shuriken toss will bounce on all the enemies within 900 limit range and deal damage to enemies.


Pros : of the best off-lane hero
2.can easily kill any solo hero
3.can escape easily and sometime initate the gank.
4.provides true vision over enemies of the best effective nuker who can effectively participate in gank.
6.can roam anywhere around the map without getting caught.
7.can mini stun the target and can cancel channeling plus teleporting on enemies with the help of shuriken toss.
8.he can gain additional gold for himself and his teammates when a tracked enemy dies.
9.he is a semi carry and a semi-support hero.

Cons :

1.his strenght is very low.
2.can be killed easily.
3.can be brought down easily by silencing him or by using items of detection.
4.can not save his teammates all the time but can stay still in shadow walk because if he breaks invisibility he would die for sure.
5.he is both abilties and item dependent.
6.has no magic resistance.

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