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How to totally play faceless void

August 10, 2014 by supremeswagmaster
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Swag build

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk


Time Dilation

1 3 9 10

Time Lock

2 4 5 7


6 11 16


12 13 14 15 17 18

Guide introduction

Welcome to my guide to Faceless Void. I am a level 15 player and i hit 100 wins so i think i`m pro enough to create a guide. I played faceless once or maybe twice and i liked him so i figured i should create a guide for him so you can get your free mmr no problem. This build is especially strong in pubs.

Hero introduction

Faceless void is a purple dude with no eyes and looks alot like manta ray. Just look at this pictureReminds you of faceless doesnt it? Only he has no eyes.
Also faceless is the hardest carry in dota apparently.

Pros and cons

[*] High dps
[*] Easy to escape
[*] Evasion from any kind of dmg
[*] AA stuns people
[*] Lots of mana
[*] Good teamfighter when he gets maelstorm
[*] Ultimate lets you escape easily out of any situation
[*] Uncounterable

[*] Riki and pudge hardcounter him because they are op nerf volvo pls
[*] Kinda mana hungry until you get arcane boots

When to pick:
[*] Anytime you want to raise your mmr


I suggest you read the wiki article on skills if you want to know the numbers and that stuff but i will explain the build order here.
His dash is quite mana costy and he has kinda low mana pool so we dont need that and instead
we level his passives up. We pick backtrack first so we avoid enemy harass.
Pick sphere whenever you can because its a very good escape ability. Not only does it stun every enemy it also gives you giant ms boost so noone can chase you.

Item build

I think arcane boots are the best because they help you and your team get free mana without buying clarity potions. So you rush them.
You get skull basher for more stun > more fun. Upgrade for even more stun.
You get veil of discord because your bash is magical dmg and veil increases it.
Dagon is good for single target burst+synergy with veil of discord.
Malestorm does magical dmg so its even more synergy with veil of discord.
As you see everything is built around having veil of discord so thats why its a core item.


Famr afk til you get core + some other item. Then you go teamfight.
Ez pz.
Pop your ult>veil of discord>start auto attacking>dagon the tank (the only one who survived)
Push> get barracks > get roshan > push > spawncamp til you get bored > win

Friends and foes

It`s good to have Riki , Pudge or Invoker on your team. You synergise with invoker because veil of discord. Riki and pudge are just op. pls nerf
Foes are riki and pudge and antimage. rikipudgeop and antimage drains your mana so you cant cast veil of discord which is core in this build.


Try at your own risk this build has swag overload and you might be over-commended at the end of the match. Enemy team will also report you x5 for hacking as your dps will be over 8000.
Don`t abuse it too much as volvo might nerf.

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