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How to Slark guide

July 10, 2014 by Warkitten
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Every lane Slark

DotA2 Hero: Slark

Hero Skills

Dark Pact

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Essence Shift

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Shadow Dance

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How to Slark guide

July 10, 2014


Hi everyone this is my first guide, and i decided to make it for Slark since he is my favorite hero so i hope this helps :3

PS: Eglish is not my native language so i may have a few mistakes.

Shadow Blade

I decided to make a chapter about this item because in a lot of games where ive gotten it my team calls me noob and that i dont know how to play Slark etc etc.
First of all Shadow Blade is a perfect item for Slark because he is a GANKER and this item just gives him a mini burst of dmg when you attack to break the invisibility and its a perfect set up for pounce, the other benefits its the speed boost when invisible it makes chasing heroes too easy, the attack speed and the +22 attack it gives are pretty nice since you can attack faster and steal more stats with essence shift, and the last but very important thing about this item ITS YOUR ESCAPE MECHANISM IF SILENCED.


Starting Items

You dont need anything else, just tangos and 1 salve, you wont be having mana issues unles you spam pounce and you will have your boots shortly after starting the game.

Core items

Power threads.- are very good on him since you can have them on strenght to have a little more hp early to mid game or change them to int to have more mana, it is not recommended to have them in agi since Slark is a squishy hero.

Shadow Blade.- See shadow Blade chapter

Eye of Skadi.- Makes it almost imposible to escape Slark once he has this item.

Situational Items

BKB.- If you feel like you are getting bursted down by a lot of spells, this is a good item for Slark.

Butterfly.- Very good agaisnt right-click heroes because of the evasion that gives.

Hand of midas.- If you are having a very good early game i recommend getting this item before Shadow Blade, you will get gold faster and the attack speed is always a + for Slark.

MKB.- For those annoying heroes with evasion skills like Phantom Assasin, Faceless Void or Brewmaster.

Skull Basher.- If you need any kind of lockdown this is your item, and you can upgrade it later into an Abyssal Blade for that active stun it gives.

Mjollnir.- Again the attack speed is very good for slark plus the lightning dmg will help taking down creep waves or getting multiple kills during team figths.

Linken's Sphere.- I only get this item when the enemy team has a Doom, i really hate Doom because he counters everything and theres no escape once he uses Doom on you.

Final Chapter

I know this is a very short guide, but i wanted to keep it simple, ill add more stuff later on.

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