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How to roflstomp as Clockwerk

September 9, 2013 by Aughuh
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Snowballing Mid Roll

DotA2 Hero: Clockwerk

Hero Skills

Battery Assault

2 4 5 7

Power Cogs

3 12 13 14

Rocket Flare

1 8 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

How to roflstomp as Clockwerk

September 9, 2013


Clockwerk is a very fun and interesting hero. He can be played in multiple lanes, although in competitive he is seen more often in a solo offlane. Pubs he can wreck face nearly everywhere and to me is my favorite hero at the moment.


Note: Although this can be used as an alt+tab guide I don't recommend it as it does have some depth.

Although Clockwerk can be played in several different lanes a bottle is almost a completely key item on him. Why? If you play him like I do I seem to run out of mana for those blind hooks and the combo.

What's the combo you aren't asking? Well I'll tell you anyways! You'll use your ultimate (Hook) then depending on the person you've latched to you either activate Cogs or Battery Assault. In the end though you'll end up activating both. Usually quickly afterward I will use the rocket for that extra magic damage. Even though battery assault is already doing an insane amount of damage it helps to secure the kill.

Item Choices

Although a multitude of items work on Clockwerk. Depending on who I'm up against will vary on what item I get. For example against doom instead of doing something standard like rushing blade mail ill skip that and probably build Linkins. Although if the doom is smart he won't instantly cast doom it makes him and or his team waste other single target nukes on trying to kill you.

If I begin snowballing I will almost always build Aghanims. This item on Clockwerk is absolutely rediculous. This 1.5 second stun with a 3k skill shot cast range down to a 12 second cooldown. This becomes one of the most spam able abilities second to flare.

If you need to carry the game an AC is a good choice as it gives you a lot of what Clockwerk needs. Armor and attack speed, even though the attack speed isn't always necessary, it's a staple for a hard carry clock.

Heart is a good item die to the survivability it gives you. When your purpose as an initator is to trap yourself in with your opponent that overall 3k health is going to go far. Pair that up with BKB and then you can survive even longer!

Forcestaff, an item that is good if you want to initiate but you hook onto a farmed alchemist. If you don't have some sort of extreme physical resistance if it was me I'd want to get the hell away from this guy.


Although he may not be the best hero for all occasions it's a fun alternative to the other initiation heroes. Instead of like Tidehunter or Earthshaker where it's just "Press R to win" it becomes 360 No-Scope Blind Hook shots.

Have fun!

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