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How to Play Weaver!

September 8, 2012 by Poky
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Usual Build

DotA2 Hero: Weaver

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Ring of Protection
Healing Salve
Slippers of Agility
Iron Branch

Early Game

Ring of Basilius
Magic Wand
Boots of Speed
Ring of Aquila
Ring of Health

Choose One

Hood of Defiance

Mid Game

Linken's Sphere
Sacred Relic


Monkey King Bar
Manta Style
Black King Bar

Hero Skills

The Swarm

4 12 13 14


1 3 5 7

Geminate Attack

2 8 9 10

Time Lapse

6 11 16


15 17 18

How to Play Weaver!

September 8, 2012


This is my first guide, so well, I hope you will find it useful.

Weaver is an agility ranged carry hero. He is hard to kill and if farmed enough, is capable of doing ALOT of damage. He requires decent reflexes and map awareness to play properly, so you may need a few games to get used to him.

Although, he has two skills which enable him to have great survivability, Nerubian Weaver is still able to be easily killed if sileneced, focused on, etc.

Won't cover too much on how you play him, as different people play him differently.


Shikuchi is what allows to chase or escape easily. It gives maximum move speed and also damages any enemy units you pass through whilst in use. Use it to dodge damage (including towers), last hit and harass the enemy. You should usually (if not always) max this first.

The Swarm is a nice ability which sends 12 beetles which latch on any enemy unit in the way. They reduce armour with each attack. Try catching as many enemies as possible with this skill during a teamfight. You could use this for scouting as they do provide a bit of vision. I have a point in it at level 4 to help with ganks / counter pushing.

Germinate Attack is kinda self-explanatory. Gives Weaver an extra attack every few seconds. It's what allows him to carry!

Time Lapse is Weaver's ultimate. Puts you back 5 seconds in time. Use it for running away, boosting your health in a fight, etc. I often use it after chasing to get back to a safer location and then using Shikuchi to get away.

Skill build is NOT set in stone, it's jsut what I go with.


Early Items
Start with your basic regen, slippers, branch and a ring of protection. I get the ring of protection to get a quick ring of basillius from the side shop.

Magic Wand is a great item for Weaver. The active gives you health and mana. This means that you should always have enough mana for your ulti/shikuchi!

I like upgrading my Ring of Basillius to a Ring Of Aquilla.

Ring of Health is a great item as it gives you health regen to stay in lane and you're going to need it for a defensive item anyway.

Boots of choice will be either power treads or boots of travel. I don't prioritize upgrading my boots as shikuchi gives maximum move speed already. Like to mention, that you can get boots a bit later than you would with other heroes because of shikuchi.

Defensive Items
Since Weaver is such a squishy hero, you NEED a defensive item for him. You have a choice between a Vanguard or a Perseverance (into a Linken's Sphere). Vanguard is obviously useful against physical damage. Linken's Sphere is great if they have many stuns, silences, etc. I've seen people get a Hood of Defiance, but I've never tried it myself.

RADIANCE! Gives damage and more damage! If you play weaver, getting a radiance is a MUST! You need to farm this as quickly as possible. Feel free to skip any items that I have suggested if you can get it quickly (other than basillius and magic wand).

Your next dps item would be a Daedalus.
If the game is still not over, get a Butterfly.

Your item choice on Weaver really depends on how you're doing and the enemy team.


Weaver is countered by mana drainers, silencers and invisible revealers.

Examples include Anti Mage, Bloodseeker, Silencer, Bounty Hunter and Slardar.

The two heroes I hate going up against the most are:
Doom Bringer - His ultimate makes your life miserable.
Disruptor - If the guy knows what he is doing, he is able to keep you locked up and silenced whilst taking a load of damage.

If the enemy team has two or more of any of the mentioned heroes,, you may have to reconsider about picking Weaver.


Nerubian Weaver is a great hero who is able to carry if given enough farm. He is currently my favourite hero! I hope you found this guide helpful and feel free to provide some feedback!

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