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How to play minimal micro MEEPO

September 23, 2014 by TMQuake
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DotA2 Hero: Meepo

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Stout Shield
Healing Salve

Early-mid Game (Bottle if mid)

Power Treads

Mid Game

Aghanim's Scepter
Blink Dagger

Get items IN THIS ORDER for late game

Scythe of Vyse
Vladmir's Offering
Boots of Travel
Heart of Tarrasque

Hero Skills


2 6 13 14


1 4 5 7


8 9 11 12

Divided We Stand

3 10 17


15 16 18

How to play minimal micro MEEPO

September 23, 2014

Basic Tips

Put net AND poof on quick cast. Quick cast basically casts the ability or item at the CURRENT mouse location, for poofing it will go to the nearest meepo.

Don't put blink on cooldown, the extra .1 seconds that it takes to click will help you finish your decision to blink poof

Learn to blink poof, simply set a control group for your secondary meeppos. Then tab and use your poof button (alternate them). When done starting to channel all the poofs, blink in. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

Look up a guide to set control groups, this helps a LOT

Learn to hit a ******** net, missing nets is more obvious than a pudge missing a hook.

Poof does damage where you LEAVE and ARRIVE, you can poof a meepo to itself, allowing to to deal 2 instances of damage.

Meepo is countered by a LOT of heroes, but he also counters many thanks to net, which prevents invis as well as blinks.

If one meepo uses boots of travel, it does not affect the cooldown on the other meepos.

Laning Phase

Lane passive, use poof if you can land two or more last hits at once. Once you hit level 3, send your backup meepo into the jungle to stack the hard camp deepest in your jungle, its safer, trust me. Get a few stacks then stack all the other camps. Minimal micro, just look at this meepo about 3 seconds before you have to stack the camp.

Once your stacks are up, let a support (or any of your 4 other carries if you're in **** tier) farm your lane while you kill these stacks.

Just poof 2 meepos onto each other at the camp then right click them all down.

Meepo CAN gank, not amazing, but effective. just net then poof all your meepos on top of the net enemy.

Mid Game

KEEP FARMING, you need items, but otherwise, this is your time to shine.

You make an OK pusher by double poofing waves (I typically use 3 poofs to ensure every last hit)

You are also equivalent to five heroes hitting a tower.

You scale off a bit late game, so be sure to snowball in the mid game.

IF youre completely snowballing, build a skadi, it is the most slot-effective stat item in the game.

Late Game

Just keep on doing what your doing. You scale off, but are still very effective. You can solo rosh by this point so take advantage of it for the exp.

Yes, this is a short guide

But how much more do you really need? It took what? Five minutes to ready this?

Now go Meepwn

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