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How to play Jug as Carry or Pusher

October 12, 2012 by JugOrNot
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DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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How to play Jug as Carry or Pusher

October 12, 2012


Hey guys this is my first guide and i made this just because im bored and im trying to help a friend lol. This wont be a very complicated guide, mainly about the skills, items and teamwork. I might add to this guide in the future but dont count on it.

Pros and Cons

1. Good pusher with healing ward
2. Healing ward affects all allies
3. One of the best 1v1 ults
4. Great early game damage with bladefury
5. Easy to play
6. Bladefury is a free BKB
7. Easy to combo with other heros

1. HUGE mana problem early game
2. Ult could be wasted if there's a creep wave near by
3. Bladefury does very little damage late game
4. There are carries that can carry a lot harder than Juggernaut


Blade Fury
Your main skill for killing in early to mid game and it is basically a free bkb. In ****py situations you can use blade fury and tp away supposing you have a tp. You should try to carry a tp at all times, on pretty much every hero. Late game this skill isnt very good but thats when you have your items, crit and ulti. This skill paired with a slow or stun should get you a easy first blood if done correctly. Do NOT right click on the enemy, follow their paths or block them you deal a lot more damage and increase your chance for a kill.
Healing Ward
This skill isnt upgraded until later because you honestly dont need it, you have tangos or whatever, this skill uses a lot of your mana which means no blade fury. This skill can be upgraded a bit earlier if your team is going for a push strategy and want to take down towers early.
Blade Dance
Your crit skill, i see too many new dota players get this skill and think its gonna give them massibe damage early on, its NOT. Its a double damage crit and early on juggernauts damage is only around 50~70 which really doesnt give you too much of a bonus. Blade fury gives you damage and stats provide you with the lack of mana jug has and some extra health plus damage.
This is what makes juggernaut a nightmare even in the mid-late game. Deals a ton of damage but the downside is, it attacks random units but if you are alone with an enemy hero, thats byebye to them. If they arent dead, you can chase with phase boots or blade fury to end the job. Hands down one of the best 1v1 skills in the game. SERIOUSLY DONT USE THIS AROUND CREEPS.

Items and Lanes

Starting Items
I like to start with Quelling Blade over stout shield because Juggernaut has very low base damage and its a pain to last hit with. If you desperately need the shield you can obtain it through the side shop, Juggernaut should seriously never play mid, its not gonna work out. Juggernaut is a semicarry carry but if you score a lot of kills in early to midgame which isnt too hard with some teamwork you can hard carry too. So i prefer to go safelane but if i have to i will go hardlane if theres another hard carry, eg antimage, faceless void, spectre morphling and others. Regeneration is always needed to help you stay in lane and as a carry you need to or you wont get the farm required.

The core is basically your phase boots giving chase potencial and helps you deal extra damage. Once you get your battlefury you should farm like crazy. You should hopefully obtain your battlefury before the 20min mark or you have kinda of failed. (Harsh word i know.)Anyways once you have your battlefury, you should have pretty good damage. At this point you can gank with your team or just farm depending on the situation.

Those luxury items arent in any specific order. If they have a lot of heros replying on magical damage then bkb (black king bar) is an awesome choice. If you are doing super well then you can go for buttefly or some other damage items such as diffusual blade, desolater, monkey king bar or maybe manta style. Aghanims is a possibility too if you are relying on ur ulti a lot. Go for Divine Rapier if your really confident that your team is super ahead or you just dont care lol.

Laning and Ganking

You should be laning and farming for the majority of the early game until you obtain at least phase boots before ganking. Finishing your core before ganking but if you have that ult ganking can be quite easy. Ganking with Juggernaut is fairly easy, you basically spin and chase them, do not right click on your oppenent, follow them and chase with your phase boots to deal maximum damage. Once there is no creep way nearby and he his still quite a bit from death you can use your ult to finish him. If only a few right clicks is needed than obviously save your ult. Dont tower dive too often but sometimes it can of course be worth it, this depends on what kind of a situation you are in. A cool tip to get a way is basically spin and use teleport scroll to get out of sticky situations, it is basically a bkb.

Lane Partners
Good laning partners are supports with stun or slow. Tiny and Juggernaut is a great combo because he can stun then toss you towards your enemy and you can start spinning. This combo does HUGE damage in the early game and can pretty much score kills everytime. A hero with a great solo like venomancer is also a great laning partner, gale + spin in early game is definitely deadly as well.


So as a juggernaut if u have a hard carry in your such as anti mage, faceless void, morphling you can gank more often instead of farming. Try to get first blood asap with you ally in lane, and you can become a real monster in midgame and late game. Hope this guide helped. :DD

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