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How to play a mean NightStalker

February 22, 2013 by Chunnnky
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Night Stalker

Hero Skills


1 3 6 7

Crippling Fear


Hunter in the Night

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Dark Ascension

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How to play a mean NightStalker

February 22, 2013

Who am I?

I had been playing Dota casually for 4-5 years, and night stalker is my favorite hero.
Been trying out a lot of different builds for night stalker, and this guide will teach you how to play night stalker with the best build to get the most kill, and carry your team during early/mid game.


I receive this comment/question frequently.
It might be my own personal preference but I think that getting bottle on Night Stalker is pretty inefficient.
I prefer getting a phase boots early compared to bottle, because phaseboots makes it so much easier to chase and land that extra few hits to kill the enemy hero also, it allows you to escape ALMOST ANYTHING.
With phase boots it does not take that long for you to return to your fountain get a tp scroll and start ganking again.
If you get a bottle for night stalker, your moving speed will be low, your damage will be lower, and you might miss a few kills or have problems running away from the tower after diving it.

What is your job after the first night.

By the end of the first night I am usually level 9/10/11 with a phaseboots and yasha, the yasha gives you extra moving speed and attack speed, which is really useful when it is day time, you are still able to chase down enemy even if it is day and land a void on them to slow them down and help your teammates, you will also have an easier time landing last hits to farm up and be prepared for the 2nd night. During the 2nd night, with yasha and an activated phaseboots you will have the max moving speed.
Your job for the 2nd night is to pick off the other team's late games by sneaking up behind them and using your ulti, after killing them what I would usually do is take over their lane and start to farm up. If your team wants a gank you should help them out too with your silent or void, as it slows enemy down ALOT and makes it easier for your teammates to finish them off.
When the 2nd Night approaches, ACTIVATE YOUR ULTI CONSTANTLY as it will EXTEND THE NIGHT.
Our goal for the 2nd night is A RAX and to complete our basher.
NightStalker is not a lategame hero, as the time goes, night stalker becomes weaker and weaker, and the 2nd night is the most important when playing night stalker, it is the time when you pick off the other team's heroes and push down at least 2 of their tier 2, and gather all you teammates and try to get a rax.
During the late game phase, Night stalker is pretty much an annoying meat shield, to initiate and silent the other team's aoe stun and win teamfights.

-I will continue and add some other stuffs tomorrow.

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