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How to mid Lina with an anti carry Build

August 14, 2015 by Heallz
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LINA - Anti carry Build

DotA2 Hero: Lina

Hero Skills

Dragon Slave

2 4 8 9

Light Strike Array

1 3 7 10 12 13

Fiery Soul

5 14 15

Laguna Blade

6 11 16


17 18

How to mid Lina with an anti carry Build

August 14, 2015

Lina Mid build with an anti-carry orientation

Hello everyone, i wanted to share with you this guide to play lina as mid with a build based in physical+magic dmg, the main idea of this is to deal with annoying and hard carries, taking advantage of the skills of the heroine in combinations with disabling (eul) and items to lower the enemy capacity to fight (Aghanim,Desolator,BKB,Syche)with variety of items that you can use in diferrent situations.
Please note]. This build as i said is made to deal with carries or cores, but dont forget that this is a five man game, so, dont you expect to win a game by yourself just using a Lina because she is not that kind of hero. In my opinion, at this version of dota 2 lina went from a decent support to a usefull lane dominator due to the last buff(stun spell time reduction) and her other skills to deal dmg plus her passive.

I Highly recommend you to:
1- Pick smart: don't use lina againts counters or very late game heros, unless you have the ability to finish the game before 40 minutes.
2-Lina is a lane dominator: She is actually one of the best lanes dominator of the game. so you can take advantage of it. Spam your skills, try to early kill, farm creeps pretty hard, dont be afreid of use your skills she has a low cool down a good mana reserve, plus you have to keep the rune domination in early to refuel your bottle until you have the mana boots and the euls
3- Play in team: If you will go mid you will have to gank as soon as possibly and as many times as possible, the point of this is to deplete the enemy's ability to farm and gain xp, while you get the farm you need to end game.
4- Try to end in mid game: this guide works perfectly in late game, if you are well farmed. anyway would be better to end the game between 30-40 mins while you have the items you need to deal enough dmg when enemy core heros are not farmed enough.
5- Remember: have fun and not lose your concentration, as a mid hero you should keep the control of rhythm of the game to help your team.

This guide is base in my personal Steam guide to mid with lina. so i would like you to share with me your opinions about it and of course try it!.


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