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How to meepwn

December 26, 2014 by Sassauges are good
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Mid lane

DotA2 Hero: Meepo

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Early game <15 min

Mid game <25


Some stuff About meepo

Before the guide, the pros and cons of meepo

-high base strength
-high burst damage
-can farm and level faster than anyone in the game
-unrivaled Dps in late game
-high magic resistance

-low base damage
-highly lvl dependent

Early game

Since meepo has horrible base damage I suggest you either buy your ring of basilius as fast as you can as it gives 6 damage or you can use poof to last hit and harass. Only use poof to last hit if you can either get 2 or more last hits or damage your enemy.

When you reach lvl 3 you can either keep him in lane or use it to stack the hard jungle camps. If you have a support that is stacking for you, the use him to help last hit.

When you reach level 5 you will have 3 points in poof, with 2 meepos if you double poof the creeps, they will all die as long as they have been hit once. At lvl 7 double poofing will instantly kill a creep wave. What you want to do is to kill the wave and then go and kill the jungle stacks that either you or your support stacked. If you can keep killing the creeps and killing the jungle, you should be able to buy an aghanims scepter by 15 mins.

Mid game.

By 15 mins you should already have your aghanims scepter and power treads. Now you should start roaming and finding kills, you can easily do 960 magical damage if you poof all your 4 meepos at the same time in 1 place. Use this to kill squishy supports and get farm for your blink dagger.

Blink dagger is such an important topic that I will make another chapter just for blink dagger. If you can blink poof then go ahead and buy your blink, but if you can't then buy a shadow blade and walk next to your opponent and poof all your other empires there.
After your initiation item (blink or shadow blade) I would recommend getting a scythe of byes, it gives some stats which meepo desperately needs and allows you to disable someone. After sheepstick I would go for either a heart or a skadi. A heart gives you more health but skadi gives you attack speed and a slow. More often than not I would get a heart because meepos geostrike already gives a decent slow and most of meepos damage Is from proofing and not right clicks.
If you like you could buy boots of travel early at the mid game but as long as you get it at some point it's fine. The reason why boots of travel are so good on meepo is because each boot has its ow cooldown for each meepo. What this means is that you can the boots for each meepo without the others getting affected.

Blink dagger

Blink dagger is an excellent item for meepo as it allows you to initiate and escape. The way to use blink dagger on meepo is for all the meepos except the main one to poof to the main meepo then while the meepos are poofing you blink next to someone and deal massive damage.

To do this I recommend you set control groups for your meepos under the settings. I put f1 as my main meepo or under select hero option and f2 as my select all other units( the 4 other meepos) and I set spacebar to toggle between meepos( the default key should be tab).

To blink poof, select all other units except the main meepo and go w click space w click space w click space w click space on where your enemy is, then select your main meepo and blink to the enemy.

So if this is done correctly, all your other meepos should poof to your main meepo right after the blinks. Practice this in a bots match with cheats on first.

The situational items

-gives aura lifesteal to your meepos
-gives armor and damage to your meepos
-extra damage

-massive armor boost
-some attack speed

-health regen for your team
-if your meepos gets low use it
-some stats

-health and mana boost
-lesser respawn time

-best damage item after aghanims as butterfly and manta has agility but most won't transfer to other meepos)
-extra agility
-active lets you do more damage with your poof

(Only buy if you are having a bad start)
-movement speed
-attack speed
-more stats

-more stats
-2 more meepos!!!

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