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How To Get Best "MMR" ?

October 15, 2014 by Vizzardion
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Sven + Io

DotA2 Hero: Sven

Hero Skills

Storm Hammer

1 3 5 7

Great Cleave

2 4 8 9


10 12 13 14 15

God's Strength

6 11 16


17 18

How Does it look like ?

Hello guys , as you know , everyone wanna have "The Best MMR" I tell you how to get it .

1st step

we need friend who can be our support.(You will not playing on the same lane , but he will gang with you.
So we have to pick IO (Wisp) and Sven
Before it we shall to learn some about our heroes (Very important for wisp (IO).

2nd step

try to go play on mid as sven. Sven is very good ,strong ,hard midder to :kill or gang.He can play defensive on the mid or offensive .Sven has stun with
duriatio : 2sec
It's AoE stun.

3rd step

If you're playing against : Pudge , Invoker , Queen OF Pain , Magnus , or other.Don't worry about it just keep last hitting.
(Special against Pudge) Maybe sven is not mid hero but againt pudge can get a 1st blood.
How ? - When pudge will trying to atack you with a "root", stun him during the "rot"
He will loose Hp by this anyway hit him if you can.Just be careful for enemy creeps , or enemy heroes.Don't wait for the creep's wave if you have free time try to take a rune.
(Bounty , Invisibility , Haste , Double Damage , Illusion or (If you need regeneration).

Sven's Build



Tango 125gold
Circlet 185gold
Gauntlets of Strength 150gold
625gold - 460gold = 165gold
Then try to safe many for recipe to Bracer .
Then in the order :
Boots of speed
Mask of Madness
Power Treads
Black King Bar
Daedalus / Mjollnir
Hearth of Tarrasque
Use your bkb when your going into enemy (if has something to stop you)
Your clave skill is helping you so you don't need battle fury.
Try to don't go along stay with your Io.

Try To safe last hit , (hit enemy if you can) and deny your creeps.
remember about call missing .

About Io

Wisp , IO

You'll need the Wisp to doing the best gangs in your life ever.
Io's Ultimate is the best to gang someone .
How does it work?
Io is connecting you with him using his 1st skill.(during it stay close to him)
Then Io is using his ultimate to teleport you with him into the enemy.Two seconds before teleport you can use your ulti .Then you're doing your work.
Remember after tp , Io is coming back to the place ,from which you were teleporting.
to comeback with sven you're connecting with him using your 1st skill.
Anyway you can use it to alive someone and conenct with him then tp into your spawn , but Remember you're coming back so get ready for it .
Every items which Io is using shall be connected with Sven then sven is getting more mana / hp.

Io's Build

Io's build

-Arcane boots
-Soul Ring
-Hearth of Tarrasque

Io is strength hero so he need a leo bit more hp.
You've to try kill them carry heroes they can't get farm , If they don't you gonna win .
Screen shots :

Counter picks against sven

Templar Assasin
Nyx Assasin

Picks for Sven .

Troll warlord.
Keeper Of The Light (Czakra magic dziwko)

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