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How to carry with Mortred

November 26, 2012 by Fortuna
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DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Purchase Order

Core Items

Battle Fury
Vladmir's Offering
Monkey King Bar

Start Items

Slippers of Agility
Slippers of Agility
Iron Branch
Iron Branch

After 15 minutes

Phase Boots
Poor Man's Shield

How to Own (In order)

Battle Fury
Vladmir's Offering
Monkey King Bar

Owning too much?

Divine Rapier
Black King Bar

Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

1 3 5 7

Phantom Strike

4 8 9 10


2 12 13 14

Coup de Grace

6 11 16


15 17 18

How to carry with Mortred

November 26, 2012

M-M-M-Monster kill !!

Yeah, so this is my first Hero Guide, so don't judge me because of that.
Mortred is one of my favorite hero and it can be at mid, lane or solo lane.

So let's start.
For starting you should buy 1 Tango and 2 Slipper's af Agility and s rest of the money goes for Iron Branches.
U can go to Mid if your team doesn't have that good mid heroes.
From your skills you take Q full first.
Mid and Solo lane are maybe best ways to beat up with Phantom Assassin, because u need quick to get level 6 and get battle fury.
Mortred is hard carry so u aren't playing with random russians, u should take kills in your lane (if u are laning).

After 15 minutes if u are at solo lane or mid, u should have Phase Boots and maybe Perseverance and Poor Man's Shield.
And if u are at Mid, u can start ganking at level 6, when you have level 1 Ulti.

And first Core Item should be Battle Fury, because that is the item what you should have at team fight's and pushing. And your ulti makes damage to other guys in teamfights.
And with Battle Fury you can push pretty well when u blink to one creep and your attack speed goes 100% better than normal attack speed.
After Battle Fury you should buy Vladimir's Offering to stay alive and for jungling.
After Battle Fury and Vladimir's Offering u have almost everything to own guys, and after those items, go with Monkey King Bar (or if they have AoE hero's then Black King Bar).

Normally game should be GG, but if it's not then u should buy Vanguard, Butterly or Desolator.

Hope u liked my guide! Please give comment (:

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