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How I play Huskar as GANKER!!

July 8, 2017 by migz045
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My Build!

DotA2 Hero: Huskar

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Boots of Speed

Early Game

Power Treads
Heaven's Halberd

Mid Game

Armlet of Mordiggian
Solar Crest

Late Game

Solar Crest
Boots of Travel
Solar Crest

(If you will have enough money)

Boots of Travel 2

Hero Skills

Inner Fire

7 12 13 14

Burning Spear

1 3 5 9

Berserker's Blood

2 4 8 10

Life Break

6 11 16


15 17 18

Hero Talents

+175 Attack Range
Burning Spears Pure and Pierces Immunity
+20 Strength
+400 Life Break Cast Range
+20% Lifesteal
+10 Burning Spears DPS
+15 Damage
+225 Health

How I play Huskar as GANKER!!

July 8, 2017


Huskar is a strength type hero wich makes him good for ganking and a head to head battle.

Huskar makes a great carry for the team,he is also durable for battles which makes him hard to kill.


+Mana independent
+Can harass enemies in the very beginning
+Virtually infinite magic resistance

-Abilities consuming your HP
-The hero is considered ranged, shields, vlad and other stuff dont work on him well
-Awful base armour and agi growth(only in the beginning)

Early Game

In the ealy game you should be able to get the first blood,this is by using you skill the Burning Spear,you should autocast this skill bye pressing "Alt + W" (but don't get to carried away by using you're second skill because it consumes you're life instead of your mana. In the early game you can harass you're enemies which makes them to fall back. If you go to a head to head battle on the early game remember to autocast you're second skill, if you die it is expected that you're foe will also die.

Mid game

In the mid game you should be able to build the Armlet of Mordiggian, this item will help when you are going on a clash, it will give you buffs but in exchange it will drain you're life. But once you have a Solar Crest you will be tough enough to destroy enemy towers

Late Game

In the late game you will be able to roam the entire battle ground and kill enemies on sight, which will grant you a large amount of money. But be carefull because once you do this you're enemies will hunt you down and if they do kill you they will have a large amount of money, so i recommend that you always have your TP Boots on the ready for escape.

My Strategy of Killing Enemies

I hide in the jungle and wait for them to come closer, once they are close enough I use my skill Life Break and before landing on my target I use Heaven's Halberd on my target so that he/she can't attack me, after you kill you're target you should use you're first skill to regenerate some of you're life and repeat it. But in a clash you should turn your Armlet on. Don't forget to always autocast you're second skill the Burning Spear before going to a battle.


Thanks for taking a peep on my guide guys. If you liked my guide please leave a comment or a thumbs up, if you didn't like my guide please tell me at the comments why you didn't liked my guide so that i will have more ideas in my other guides.

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