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Horses are magic

July 28, 2012 by Xajora
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DotA2 Hero: Keeper of the Light

Hero Skills

Mana Magnifier (Innate)


1 3 5 7

Blinding Light

9 12 13 14

Chakra Magic

2 4 8 10

Spirit Form

6 11 16


15 17 18

Horses are magic

July 28, 2012


Keeper of the Light (KoTL) is a fabulous Pusher/Support/Nuker who can set up easy ganks,long pushes and has safe harass and farm. His very unique skills all have a place and can be used to keep your team alive and strong while keeping the enemy out of mana, out of exp range, and out of ways to defend.

Hardly item dependent at all thanks to his E, KoTL should be working with his team to push for an early victory. As all non-carries go, he will drop off late game so be sure to work with your teammates for ganks/pushes to get that early lead.

As a support with his farming ability, be sure to know your lane. DO NOT take farm from the carry and BUY WARDS, act as a team player and everything will be A-OK.


KoTL starts with the courier and basic items to be built into a wand. Rush Arcane boots and complete your wand. All the while, you should be purchasing wards and possibly upgrading the courier.

KoTL's Q allows him to farm waves very easily by level 7. As such you should be able to purchase very nice items supports typically don't get. Mekansm allows you to support a push with your team, and can be bought very early due to his farming abilities.

Scepter of Divinity -
Allows you to combo into his Q, gives a fantastic active as well as movement speed and mana for reliable Q spam. This also gives KoTL an escape mechanism, something he really needs.This is in his core for a reason.

Pipe of Insight -
Generally a fantastic survival item and support item, this is situational though as it is biased off of the enemy team composition.

Scythe of Vyse -
You should be able to complete this eventually, but you should make another item if you are having survival issues. I think this one is self explanitory


Q - Illuminate

At max rank, this is a 500 damage AOE on a short cooldown. This is your main damaging/pushing tool and can be used with incredible results in team fights, especially early ones. The very nature of its channel makes you vulnerable while casting it, but this is later ramnified with KoTL's ultimate which removes the need to channel. If you plan to use this to get kills in lane, make sure your laning partner is ready and willing to assist you by stunning/slowing your target.

There is little use in spamming this skill senselessly due to it pushing up the lane to early, you should only REALLY begin to use it when the skill is lvl 3. Also be aware that if you lane with a carry, you should hardly use this at all despite the temptation.

COMMUNICATE with your partner. Is it okay if we push up a bit for this? Can we set up a kill here Sand King? Do you need mana? KoTL is NOT the star of the show, regardless of what his score is.

W - Mana Leak
1U, counter target spell unless your opponent pays (3) mana. Wait, wrong game.
This is a fantastic harass, chase spell that will result in a stun surprisingly often. In lane you will most likely see more mana leaks than Illuminates just for its annoyance/safety net.

The reason you keep this at 1 is because it is a % biased skill. In other words, early game its just not worth it.

E - Chakra Magic

Did somebody say FREE MANA? Keep your partner and yourself full at all times, late game keep those illuminates flowing. This is just a fantastic skill and one of the reasons KoTL isn't that item dependent.

R - Spirit Form

A very unique ultimate, go into super mode and gain access to 2 new spells for 40 seconds. Also allows you to move freely after activating Illuminate.

D - Recall

Global Chen-like spell. Pull people to help you push, pull people out of ganks, pull people into a fight from base. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THIS SPELL, in high level play it is one of his most astounding abilities. Treat it as such.

F - Blinding Light

A large AOE mini-stun and knockback that adds a miss chance. Use this in a teamfight to disrupt and make carries sad. You can ALSO use it to knock people into your channeling Illuminate, but remember its not all about you.

Pros / Cons


+ Amazing harass
+ Amazing Farm
+ Fun to play
+ No mana problems late game
+ Heavy pushing ability
+ Not Item dependent (Buy some damn wards)
+ HEAVY early game gank potential


- Squishy
- Difficult to Q against smart opponents
- High learning curve for advanced play due to Ultimate
- No late game
- No escape tech
- Requires teamwork

Buddies and Meanies


Anything with a disable which will allow you to land a fully channeled Illuminate. (Bane,Pugna,Shadow Shaman, Skelleton king)

Anything that pushes, allowing you to take towers very very early.
(Venomancer, Leshrac, Death Prophet, Shadow Shaman)


Anything with easy magic immune, illuminate is channeled meaning they have all the time in the world to react. (Omniknight, Juggernaut, Lifestealer)

Anything with a high movement speed or escape mechanism.
(Dark Seer, Weaver and the like)

Anything that can capitalize off of you channeling

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