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Hitting is more fun than running

November 9, 2013 by Haggie
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Ogre Loot

DotA2 Hero: Ogre Magi

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Hitting is more fun than running

November 9, 2013


Ogre Magi is a very durable and strong intelligence based hero. He has very strong lane presence early and mid game and can very easily secure the kill if played correctly. His DPS potential is huge but unreliable and for this reason I believe he is overlooked as a carry. Nevertheless I have carried several games with him and find him to be an incredibly fun hero to play, which is why I am creating this guide.

Early Game

During this phase of the game try to focus on last hitting creeps. Harass enemy heroes with ignite/fireblast. Make sure to get in a melee hit or 2 in when doing this to secure any kills. Keep in mind the boots this build uses, as this is key for securing kills and staying in lane. The only time you should not be last hitting creeps is to regenerate health from the boots. Generally try and keep a good mana supply for a kill around level 4 or 5. Once an opportunity presents itself for a kill; utilize fireblast to give yourself time to close distance and get that melee hit or 2 in. As soon as the opponent retreats ignite them while chasing them down and clubbing them. Don't be afraid of being aggressive with this tactic if you are sure the kill is within your grasp.

Mid/Late Game

At this point of the game you should be constantly roaming to gank/harass enemy heroes and throwing ignites on creep waves to push lanes when convenient. Ignite will be your main harassment tool since the range on it grows with your ultimate level and slows and DOTs the enemy. Once an enemy has been kited and softened enough it's time to throw a fireblast/refined fireblast in their face and of course club those running from you. Late game you will want to spam haste constantly on yourself as well as teammates whenever the opportunity arises. If played correctly the only thing the enemy team will be able to catch is... your dust.

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