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Heroes are just the creeps that i farm

April 12, 2014 by KiwiTheBoss
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Glass cannon

DotA2 Hero: Luna

Hero Skills

Lucent Beam

2 3 5 7

Moon Glaives

10 12 13 14

Lunar Blessing

1 4 8 9 16


6 11


15 17 18

Heroes are just the creeps that i farm

April 12, 2014

Early game

You should most probably go safe lane (bot-radiant; top-dire). If you meet a strong offlaner or drow ranger, call for support. Always request a ward in the jungle near your lane, for safety. Focus on last hitting and kill when you can, without risking. Don't chase or dive in a tower, you will be dead. Get treads on agility and switch on str only when you are about to get ganked (the ward we talked about at start should be helping). Last hit and try to kill when you get your ulti, by letting the lane pushed and suddenly charge with ulti. Grab aquila only if you need its effects and put aura on creeps only when taking towers. When your helm of dominator is finished, start stacking camps and the early game is finished.

Mid Game

Do whatever you need to get BKB and then teamfight. Don't forget, luna's ulti is a gigant nuke! When you finished bkb and maxed lucent beam and the aura, fight for buttefly or farm it. You can end a fight with ulti but don't rush it at the beginning! Do anything you can for kills.

Late Game

You have butterfly, go in a fight and just beast it, your enemys won't know what's happening. You should get at least a triple kill out of that and then finish satanic. Now its GG. If its not, MKB should shut everything down. If you are pushing and defending a lot, go for BoT. Now its defenetly GG.

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