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Here comes the Storm!

May 20, 2014 by The_Accelerator
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Build 1
Build 2

Solo Mid Build

DotA2 Hero: Storm Spirit

Hero Skills

Galvanized (Innate)

Static Remnant

1 3 7 9

Electric Vortex

4 5 8 10


2 12 13 14

Ball Lightning

6 11 16


15 17 18


Hello, this is my first guide about Storm Spirit of DotA 2! First, I thank for all who read this and need some help with playing this 'gay faced' uncle. Note that English isn't my native language , so, well, sorry if you find some typos / wrong grammars because my English sucks.

So, this is Storm Spirit, or some players called it Raijin, and abbreviated as SS or Storm. He's one of my favorite hero and quite amusing to play with. And so, I am here to share my guide to play this old gay dude to its fullest. Hope you enjoy this guide.

Pros - Cons

Pros :
- A good farmer , with his
- Decent base armor.
- A decent mid game- ganker, and unstoppable late game hero.
- Quite fast attack animation.
- Has a quite long disable with his Electric Vortex.
- High mobility with his ultimate.

Cons :
- Quite squishy.
- Needs some good mana management.
- Sometimes, initiating first = died first.
- Needs some mana sustaining items.
- Got silenced , and GOODBYE.

Static Remnant

This is Storm's Q skill, it creates an image of yourself at your last standing place when you cast this. It has a 1 sec delay to completely active. It has a whooping 3.5 s cooldown, pretty low manacost, and good nuking ability. The image also grants vision over trees (Flying Vision), so use it to find juking enemies among the trees!

We max this skill first in Solo Mid Build because we need to maximize it's damage as nuke and farming skills. Storm is a well played carry at late game, so it's better to grab some early golds quickly!.

The reason we left this skill at 1 level in Sideline Build because we only need the Flying Vision and to activate your Overload skill. The details will be explained later.

Electric Vortex

Aha! A 1/1.5/2/1.5 secs disable! This what makes you a reliable ganker at mid game. You cast this on your enemy to pull him toward you, probably dragging him to your Remnant, or to let him ********ed by your allies.

When Storm casts this spell, Storm will pull the enemy toward him, effectively disabling any action of the target. Storm will be slowed by 50% during the duration of Electric Vortex.

Aside from disabling and pulling your enemies toward you, there's no special explanation on this skill, so let's move on!


Wow, finally! A passive skill! This is one of Storm's bread-and-butter skill.
Whenever you cast your spells , this ability will activate, and Storm will have his one palm fully charged with electricity. When the charged electricity is thrown at the enemy, it will burst , dealing some magical damage and slowing them for 100% in 0.7 sec.

This is quite a nice nuke , place your Remnant on the creeps, and throw the charged electricity at the enemy heroes! They'll be forced to use their consumables, so use it well!

The only key point that I have to explain about this skill is, ALWAYS AUTO-ATTACK THE ENEMIES AFTER USING SPELLS!.

Ball Lightning

Alright, this is the reason why you're called Storm Spirit. This ability makes Storm completely invulnerable, transforming into ball of lightnings, bypass through the enemies, effectively chasing / fleeing from the enemies for good!

This spell costs a lot of mana, you need some practice to use it effectively. This ability grants Invulnerability during it's duration, meaning that you won't take any damage in this form. (Though still can be pulled by Pudge's Meat Hook).

Use this ability to chase enemies, or flee from them. Also to jump through ledges, cliffs and holes to create shortcut. This ability destroys trees along its path, and will deal damage based on how far Storm traveled using this ability.

Early Game

Early game, you should just focus on last hitting and deny creeps. You can't do much in this stages of the games. Basically, you should just play safe until level 6, where you'll learn Ball Lightning as a reliable escape.

Do not spam Static Remnant for farming, your attack animation is quite fast enough so let's stick to it. If you're in sidelines, and your enemies are melees, don't hesitate to stand close to the creeps. Place your Static Remnant there, and they'll be forced to move back and cannot last hit. I'm sure 90% of melee heroes won't take the risk from Static Remnant just to last hit something.

Mid Game

You may start ganking at level 6, or preferably 7, when you have at least 2 levels of Electric Vortex. Go to the top lane or bot lane, wait in the woods, and gank them!

Your priority should be Carry heroes, but assuming that there's an enemy disabler or two, you may prioritizes them first, as they can be extremely annoying.

The Combo spells for Storm in Ganking is :

Why 'HIT' at the middle of the combo? Because you'll utilize the damage and slow from your Overload ability. With one or two allies ganking, you're at least get a guaranteed 1 kill from them.

Oh another thing, maybe another pro players out there disagree with this, but I have a principle when playing Storm :


If you think that you can kill the enemy by jumping using Ball Lightning, but at the same time, their allies protects him from you, DO NOT JUMP WITH YOUR ULRIMATE.
It is best to keep you alive while farming some mana-regen items, rather than getting a kill then being killed by the foes.

Farm well, and better end the game fast, you don't want the enemies' carry becomes FAT right? HAHAHA!

Late Game / End Game

By now, you should try to end the game quickly. You'll expect a lot of teamfights, so here's some advice when in team fights.

- Let your ally initiates, (or you can initiate by yourself, jumping into the enemies, drops a Remnant, then quickly jumps out from them.)
- Use your usual combos, preferably taking out the enemy carry, or supports.
- If you think you're going to lose a teamfight, jump back! You should at least have some mana regen items to sustain your mana.
- Try to win the teamfights, destroy their barracks, and WIN THE GAME!

Friends - Foes

Almost all heroes are friends by Storm, but here I'll list the one that I think the best among the bests.
Also, I'm a newbie at making this guide, so sorry for not providing images.


- Crystal Maiden
Almost get a free Perseverance from her, her Aura provides quite a boost for your mana, greatly enchances your farming attempt with Remnant. She has a disable , which combined with your own, can make an easy kill. Gotta love cold babe!

- Keeper of the Light
Same as CM, but he's able to call you back when you're dying, just make sure not to take any damage when he does his Recall. (Ball Lightning will save you almost from anything!)

- Disablers (Bane, Lion, Shaman, etc)
They provide you good positioning for your Remnants, maximizing your nuking potential.

- Nyx Assassin
Well, you managed to enjoy your farming phase, then suddenly a bug stabs you from behind, impaling you with his spikes, and finally burning a whooping amount of mana from you, effectively prevents you from jumping with your ultimate. Given by your low HP stats, you'll surely become his food early and mid games.

- Silencer
Well, he has a Unique Attack Modifier attack that deals damage based on his OWN INTELLIGENCE, an area DPS and Mana Burns, a Silencing / Disarming abilities which doubles as nukes, and finally, a global Silencing Skills.
Well, just don't manage to meet him during his ultimate, otherwise, you'll **** bricks.
You can actually dispels his Curse of the Silent by dropping a Remnant, and you can COMPLETELY dodging his Last Word curse using your ULTIMATE, just use it as short as possible.

- Drow Ranger
Well, she hits so hard, painful, and has a 5 second silence too. But in my opinion, there's really nothing hard to deal with her. Just make sure you bring some allies to ganke her, and she'll be a dead bug!

- Night Stalker
Don't ever meet him at Nightime! You'll be raped by him using his silencing Crippling Fear ability, as well as Void to cancel your teleport. He hits like crazy at nightime, so it's best that you avoid meeting this dude.

- Anti-Mage
Your ultimate costs really much mana, you need to keep spamming your Remnant , and when you're really out of mana, suddenly this guy appears. A single Mana Void on you and, VOILA! You'll get a black-white screen for some seconds.
Solution? Get a Linken's Sphere, and problem solved.

And lastly,
- Doom
Well, if it's still a starting game, better repick your Storm into another heroes. The truth is , assuming that I've played Storm Spirit for 10 times, and I've encountered Doom in that 10 games, I only won 2 of 10 matches against Doom. Why? Because of his ****ing ultimate, Doom! Inflicted by his ultimates, and, you can only stand there, watching as your Storm Spirit rots away burning from flames. Better don't play as Storm against this hero!


So, my guide comes to an end. I'm still a newbie at making this guide, so , sorry for not having screenshots, videos, icons, etc. But I'm proud that I'm able to explain these to all of you.
If you have suggestions , or comments, feel free to fill the comments below. (I accept flaming thread too, LOL).

Find me at :

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